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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 420: Wait for Big Brother to Come Back (End of Military Arc)

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Chapter 420: Wait for Big Brother to Come Back (End of Military Arc)
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"You had the perfect opportunity to launch a counter but alas, your whole family has chosen death…" Saohuang continued as his eyes moved to fall on Xinghe. His meaning was well understood. By choosing to help Xinghe, the Xi family had chosen death. If the Xi family cut all ties to her then most likely they would be able to survive this unscathed. However, they didn't and Saohuang couldn't say he didn't appreciate that.

His smile grew bigger. "However, I have to say, I'm mighty impressed by the Xi family, sacrificing so much just to save a woman. That's rare, don't you feel honored, Miss Xia?"

Xinghe stared coldly at him and her clear voice rang out, "I feel honored that someone would sacrifice so much just to frame me, that much is true."

"Miss Xia is someone unique so you deserve all the honor others are willing to lavish on you," Saohuang replied with a thin smile.

"I assure you, I will repay certain people with equal recognition."

"Oh, what might that be?" Saohuang asked with a shrug. From his perspective, Xinghe and the Xi family were on death row. These were all losers, he was not one bit afraid of them.

Xinghe answered coldly, "You'll know soon enough. It might not be soon but it'll definitely come."

Saohuang suddenly started laughing. "Miss Xia, you know what? I admire the way you talk because it doesn't allow others to underestimate you."

"That's right but sadly, you have been underestimating me." Xinghe looked at him one last time before climbing into the car. She was done talking to him. She was not one to huff and puff in front of her enemies. To her, actions spoke louder than words and a face slap spoke a thousand words!

She was willing to let Saohuang have a brief moment of glory but his end would eventually come like all who had crossed her before. Munan had lost interest in chewing words with Saohuang as well, so he too climbed into the car.

"Get moving," he ordered the driver and the car sped away. Saohuang watched their leaving car and his eyes were filled with derision and viciousness.

"I want to speak with Mubai," Xinghe told Munan.

Munan was surprised. "Big Brother? He is probably unreachable now."


"He's coming back, so he's probably on the plane now," Even at a time like this, Munan did his wingman job. "He found out what happened to you and rushed back as soon as possible but he was a bit far away so it would take him some time before he arrived."

Xinghe's eyes glistened for a bit and shook her head. "He shouldn't have come back…"

"Big Brother couldn't stop worry about you. Big Sister Xia, don't worry, after Big Brother's home, we'll keep you safe."

"But I'm worried your family will be implicated by aligning yourself with me."

Munan laughed. "What are you talking about, you're in this mess because of us to begin with. Big Sister Xia, our Xi family might not be the most morally upright citizens but we're not so despicable as to use you as a scapegoat. This whole thing started because of our Xi family so we will do everything we can to keep you safe. Don't worry about us, if there's time then there's a way we can stop it."

Does this mean the Xi family is willing to fight for me to the bitter end? I know this involves their livelihood as well, but by ditching me, they would have a better chance of survival. Why would they choose me over that? Is it really worth it…
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