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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 419: Paid Bail

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Chapter 419: Paid Bail
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However, none of them did, they all stood on her side. They were not afraid of being implicated by her charges. If she wasn't acquitted in the end, their reputation and future would go down with her. Xinghe was touched by their concern for her, they had given up many things to side with her.

Even the Xi family which was, in some ways, obligated to help her did more than that. They had more to lose by coming to her aid. They would be implicated and there were more losses in the future, like the Flying Dragon Unit's leadership post…

This post was instrumental to the Xi family's future. With Munan sitting at that position, their glory would be extended for at least a few more decades. A few more decades of glory… even an idiot would know to choose that, much less the Xi family who got where they were through a bloody history. They had a lot more to lose if they chose to help her. Glory was built upon blood and sacrifices, which was why each opportunity had to be treasured. Alas, for her sake, they had given up on an opportunity so important.

Things would be a lot easier for them if they just distanced themselves from Xinghe. However, that easy route was not the route they chose. Instead, they walked on this path that could cause their own destruction. This was not only because of their kind-heartedness but importance that they had placed in her, which was why when Xinghe was given bail, she swore to help the Xi family unconditionally in the future should any trouble befall the family!

Before being given bail, Xinghe and Munan were pulled into one last interrogation. After the thing was over, both of them walked out of the station together. Munan saw Xinghe's pale face and asked with concern, "Big Sister Xia, are you alright? Did they do anything to hurt you?"

Ever since she was arrested, Xinghe spent two full days in interrogation, there was no time for her to even rest. She shook her head. "I'm fine, just a little tired."

"Then, let's go back now, everyone's waiting for you."

Xinghe turned to look at him and nodded. Just as the two of them prepared to leave, a military Hummer suddenly stopped in front of them. The door opened and Saohuang in a military coat stepped out from it.

He turned to them and asked with a villainous smile, "Major Xi, I heard something happened to you so I purposely came to pay you visit, are you alright?"

Of course, Xinghe and Munan weren't naïve enough to think he was being sincere. It was obvious he was there to gloat. Munan's hatred flared up looking at Saohuang in person.

He laughed. "Thanks for your concern, I'm still alive, but the person who did this to us won't be for long!"

Saohuang naturally knew he was talking about him. He chuckled. "Is that so? Might I ask who Major Xi think that person is?"

Munan took a step forward, suppressed his voice and issued threateningly, "I believe we all know who that person is!"

"Well, do tell."

"Don't act dumb, Feng Saohuang, this is not over, you just wait and see!"

Shrugging off his threat, Saohuang's smile disappeared as he said, "I can wait just fine but I'm not sure you can say the same thing."
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