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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 413: Plan Completely Ruined

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Chapter 413: Plan Completely Ruined
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"But you have to come, everyone's waiting for you."

"I think I'll bow out of this one, have fun on my behalf." Xinghe's attitude was just as determined as before. It was not that she minded hanging out with them but she really didn't like overly crowded occasions. She didn't want to be the hero because she didn't know how to handle the attention. She'd prefer it if they just left her be. Noticing her determination, Yan Lu and the gang chose to respect her decision.

However, Munan still took all of them along to a scrumptious dinner before leaving her be. Xinghe turned back to rest. It had been a hectic few days for her. She wanted to take the opportunity to rest and recharge. This was because, after this short celebration, there would another battle coming. They couldn't relax completely because this was not the end. That night was only a breather…

While Munan's camp was celebrating, Saohuang's camp was suffocating in a depressing haze.

"Bunch of idiots! All useless!" Saohuang was furious after he had lost the drill. He was trashing his office.

Sun Yu stood beside him carefully and tried his best to console him, "Boss, Munan was only lucky this time to have won. They are not our competition, don't worry, we'll get them next time!"

Saohuang glared at him ruthlessly. "Lucky?"

Sun Yu nodded with a shaking heart. "That's right, they were only lucky this time…"

"Good luck can bring them a landslide victory‽ I also want such luck then!"


"Bunch of idiots! What did I tell you people before the drill? I said we can only win, and the results? We won nothing! Bunch of idiots, you've ruined everything!" Thinking about his master plan that lay in tatters, Saohuang was so furious he could kill someone. No, not just someone, he wanted to kill Xi Munan and that Xia Xinghe! If possible, he wanted to shred them into pieces.

"Boss, this is all that Xia Xinghe's fault," Sun Yu added with a snarl, "If not for her, we wouldn't have lost. Everything changed the moment she arrived!"

Saohuang narrowed his eyes with lethal intent. That's right, this is all that b*tch's fault!

"Boss, we must remove her somehow or she'll keep getting in our way," Sun Yu stepped forth and lower his voice to say.

Saohuang looked at him and replied, "You think I don't know that? You think it's so easy to do that?"

Xinghe was surrounded by a whole army, he couldn't do anything even if he wanted to. If he could take her out easily, he would have done so a long time ago.

"Then, what shall we do? Just leave her be?"

Saohuang smirked. "Of course not! There are more than one ways to remove someone."

"Boss, what good idea do you have in mind?" Sun Yu asked in shock. Before Saohuang could answer, his phone rang. It was from Lin Yun…

Saohuang's dark eyes shone for a tiny bit as he picked up the phone. "Hello."

"Big Brother Feng, I heard you lost this time, right?" Lin Yun asked nonchalantly but her tone was forceful.

"You heard right."

Surprised that he still had the audacity to admit that, Lin Yun laughed mirthlessly. "You lost? Big Brother Feng, didn't I tell you that you have to win both competitions? Your loss has thrown our plan into a complete disarray!"
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