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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 412: Burning Blood, Burning Passion

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Chapter 412: Burning Blood, Burning Passion
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When she needed their help in the future, they really would throw themselves into the line of fire for her…

Munan was glad witnessing Xinghe's growing popularity; he was proud of his sister-in-law!

If not for this crisis facing the Xi family, Munan had a sneaking suspicion that Mubai would've kept Xinghe from prying eyes and to himself forever. If he had met such a wonderful woman himself, he probably would do the same…

She was like the world's best treasure, having her is not much less than having the world. Munan felt happy for his brother for having found such an important person in his life.

He smiled and tried to control the rowdy crowd, "Alright, let's calm down because the battle is not yet over. We might have won this round, but there are two more rounds to go. Be alert and don't let your guard down! We must take advantage of this heightened morale and beat them in one go!"

"Defeat them! Defeat them!" Everyone started chanting, their blood boiling. Xinghe was also influenced by their inflamed passion. She followed along for the next two rounds, supporting the troops from the side lines.

After Munan's men won the aerial combat, it started a domino effect, the naval combat and land combat were a one-sided sweep as well! Like a sharp arrow, Munan's platoon shot through their enemy with ease.

The drill that lasted for a few days finally came to an end. The victory was Munan's!

At the moment that was announced, everyone cheered. They didn't think they would win so overwhelmingly. There were no losses, they had won everything! A perfect victory so to speak.

This wiped out the memories of their earlier loss. Revenge was theirs.

This battle also brought them many epiphanies and much experience. The whole platoon understood that a small loss was not forever, with enough determination and hard work, success would eventually come. They had gotten psychologically more mature. Munan believed his team would not be brought down so easily no matter what disaster came their way in the future.

Similarly, they had learned to not gloat or let their guard down after a win. In conclusion, no matter what happened in the future, they would continue marching on, proud of their team and themselves!

Therefore, this match had not only brought them a victory but also a change in attitude, and this was the more important reward because attitude decided everything.

Of course, the victory had to be celebrated as well. To celebrate this victory, the whole camp decided to throw a party. From Yan Lu and the rest's perspective, Xinghe was the biggest contributor, so they wanted to make use of this opportunity to thank her but she rejected them.

"Miss Xia, you have to come to the party; how can we throw a party without its hero‽" Yan Lu tried his best to change her mind. Gu Li joined in but she was unmoved.

"First, I don't think I've contributed anything, I only gave technical support. The victory is because everyone contributed their fair share. Second, I don't like crowded environment like this but I thank you for thinking of me."

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