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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 406: Bottom of the Barrel

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Chapter 406: Bottom of the Barrel

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He might have been scolding Sun Yu but everyone from Saohuang's camp felt the sting of his every word. Saohuang, who was the most stable, also had difficulty maintaining the smile on his face. He smiled eerily and hissed, "Miss Xia has truly opened my eyes today. Since the competition has already been concluded, then we're not going to disturb anymore, goodbye!"

He turned to leave when Munan suddenly opened his mouth to say, "Feng Saohuang, I've not even said my piece, why are you in such a hurry to leave?"

Saohuang turned around slowly and grinned chillingly. "Is that so? I wonder, what else are you going to say? Do you also plan to humiliate me?"

Munan smirked. "Why would Major Feng think that, and I thought Major Feng was not someone who would take a minor defeat to heart."

The last trace of a smile on Saohuang's face was fading. The eyes that glared at Munan were as cold as the bowels of hell. The atmosphere was intense…

At that moment, everyone could see the warning signs radiating off of Saohuang but Munan was unfazed. Holding Saohuang's eye contact, he said coldly, "Since you've come all the way to challenge us, shouldn't we return the kindness?"

"Kindness?" Saohuang chuckled. "I see, you too want to issue a challenge, fine, what kind?"

"Naturally, a battle between two parties!" Munan said with solemnity, "Feng Saohuang, now I represent my entire platoon in extending a challenge to your platoon! The battle will be held in two days' time, do you accept the challenge or not‽"

Saohuang's men were stunned. He actually dared to challenge them. Last time, it was them who issued the challenge so they felt pleased with themselves. Now that the tables had turned, for various reasons, they felt pressured and face-slapped. The feeling of sending and receiving the challenge was completely different.

Saohuang's lips curved into a smile. "Of course, I accept, why wouldn't I? Major Xi, let's have a real competition this time! I'll see you two days later."

Munan replied with a thin smile. "We'll see you then."

"Let us go—" Saohuang turned to leave, he didn't want to spend one extra second there. They were supposed to go deliver humiliation but were utterly humiliated in return. This was only a computer contest, not even real combat, but he felt completely face-slapped. The men that he brought along felt the same way. One Xia Xinghe made them leave feeling fully disgraced. This was not something expected by Saohuang or Munan.

The moment Saohuang's men left, Yan Lu started to cheer in celebration.

"F*ck, that was too bloody satisfactory! Even better than trumping them on the actual battlefield!" Yan Lu guffawed.

Everyone else was equally excited. "Did you see that Feng Saohuang's face, it was as dark as the bottom of a pot!"

"Every one of their faces was the color of pots and kettles. Getting to humiliate them without lifting a finger, this sensation is simply the best in the world!"

"We would have done this earlier if we'd known it would be so easy."

Gu Li couldn't help but laugh. He chided them jokingly, "Bunch of dummies, if not for Miss Xia, we wouldn't be celebrating."
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