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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 405: Made With My Own Two Hands

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Chapter 405: Made With My Own Two Hands

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Her gaze moved to meet Saohuang's. Saohuang's own eyes darkened, he understood what Xinghe meant. If Sun Yu had lost completely, he too had lost completely!

Xinghe stood up slowly and said, "Well, are you people satisfied now?"

"I don't believe…" Sun Yu rushed to look at Xinghe's computer to check. He couldn't believe that she'd really done it, how could she possibly have done it?

As he expected, when he saw Xinghe's software, he laughed from sheer excitement. "You didn't complete it, you cheated! You failed because you only succeeded through a cheating software. Xia Xinghe, you didn't win!" Ha laughed, pointing at Xinghe. "Don't think you can lie to me, you liar, you didn't win!"

If he felt sent into the depths of hell earlier, now he was floating in the clouds of the heaven. In any case, it felt exceptionally good having evidence of cheating against Xinghe.

Xinghe was unfazed. She stared curiously at him like she was looking at an idiot. "Is there a rule that states I can't use any software?"

Sun Yu was taken aback but came to his point of argument quickly, "There might not have been an explicit rule but it is common knowledge that software is off limits. If not, I could have use one as well, right?"

"No one was stopping you."

"No matter, this is cheating, this whole competition is unfair! Xia Xinghe, you relied on external program to help your case, and that undermines the validity of this competition!" Sun Yu held on to this argument, no matter what, he couldn't let Xinghe win.

Xinghe suddenly laughed. "First round you suspected there was an insider job and this round, you suddenly decide we can't use external program. If you want to be this unreasonable, you might as well name yourself the winner then."

"I don't care, it is a fact that you've borrowed aid from an external program. Your win is disqualified," Sun Yu concluded. His people also supported him.

"That's right, winning through the use of external support is definitely unfair!"

"And we thought you were so good, but you've been cheating all along."

"This round and the one before it don't count because you've been disqualified for cheating and lying."

"I used my own two hands to write this software, so how is it counted as external support?" Xinghe asked suddenly. Everyone was stunned.

Gu Li who saw everything added triumphantly, "That's right, Miss Xia wrote the program software in the middle of the contest, so how can that possibly disqualify her? You can only blame your own people for not thinking about that."

Yan Lu, after he learnt the situation, also added with a guffaw, "Now, what else are you loons going to say? Our Miss Xia used her own ability to finish creating the software during the contest. Your guy was too stupid to realize that he could also do something like that. Kick him out because the military doesn't need someone who doesn't know how to use his brain!"

"Xinghe has both ability and brains, her victory is fair and square, who dares to object‽" Munan asked with authority. The crowd was silent.

Sun Yu wanted to say something but was cowed by Saohuang, "Enough, or do you think we've not been humiliated enough‽ The fact is we have lost and we have to admit our defeat with dignity!"

Gripping his fists, Sun Yu admitted sourly, "Fine, this time I've lost on a technicality!"

Words tumbled out of Yan Lu's mouth unfiltered. "What do you mean by 'on a technicality'? You have lost completely! If we had known you're such a sore loser, we wouldn't have allowed Miss Xia to accept your stupid contest. Being associated with you only lowers our Miss Xia's name!"
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