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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 403: Mission Impossible

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Chapter 403: Mission Impossible

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But he had no choice to lap it up, he had every advantage he could get to increase his odds. To win, Sun Yu had given up on his decency. To win, he gave the mission that even he himself couldn't complete, to hack into 100,000 normal IPs in less than 10 minutes.

In other words, the winner had to hack into an average of 10000 IPs every minute, which translated into several hundred IPs per second! Even those who were not familiar computer science knew how impossible the mission was.

Therefore, Munan's camp all started scolding when they heard the mission he issued!

"F*ck, the man's crazy."

"Sun something, just because Miss Xia allowed you to come up with the subject, doesn't mean you can do anything you want. Do you think the rest of us are idiots?"

"Sun Yu, your task can't be completed. Even you can't do it!" Gu Li also objected feverishly. If not for decorum, he would've given the man a punch to the face.

Even Munan couldn't stand it anymore. "Feng Saohuang, this is how your people act? Such sore losers?"

Sun Yu smiled smugly watching their extreme reactions. "You're the one who asked me to come up with the subject, I did. What, if you can't do it, then f*cking surrender!"

"F*ck you too! Watch your tongue or I'll shoot a bullet right in between your eyes!" Yan Lu cursed in return.

Sun Yu taunted him like a child, "Do it if you dare, I welcome you to! Come on, I'm standing right here!"

"Sir, I plead that we throw this group of garbage that belittles us soldiers out this instant!" Yan Lu turned to Munan.

Munan smirked. "Toss hi—"

"Xi Munan, even when you hit a dog, you have to pay notice to its master," Saohuang said coldly.

Munan replied sarcastically, "What if the dog's owner is not worth respecting?"

Saohuang's face turned severe. "Do you think so little of me?"

Munan was not afraid of him, he retorted, "If you want to see it that way, I can't help it."

The two started to stare each other down. Even their subordinates began to butt heads. The atmosphere was highly tense, a battle could break out at any time.

Xinghe was the only one holding her own. She opened her mouth to say, "Sun Yu, you think having both of us lose via a tie will help salvage your reputation?"

Sun Yu was pulled back into the competition…

He started smirked viciously. "What, you also think you can't finish it? Aren't you the best in the world? From how I see it, still a trash!"

"Then, let's do it," Xinghe took him up on the challenge, "I don't like to spend time bluffing, actions speak louder than words."

Sun Yu's face changed. "What, you really think you can do this? Don't make laugh, even God can't accomplish this!"

"You can tell me that after this whole thing's over."

Xinghe was tired of dealing with him already.

Sun Yu huffed. "I'll be sure to remind you then!"

He couldn't wait to laugh at Xinghe's loss, he had to teach her a lesson for crossing him!

However, Munan and the rest were worried.

"No, you can't do this. You don't need to agree to such a crazy competition rule!" Munan moved forward to stop her.
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