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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 398: Below My Station to Do So

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Chapter 398: Below My Station to Do So

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He was looking at Saohuang even though his words were meant for Yan Lu and Sun Yu. Saohuang smirked viciously. "Major Xi, thank you for helping me teach my subordinate a lesson."

"You're welcome." Munan nodded. "But since Miss Xia is reluctant to accept your challenge, please leave. I'm not inclined to force Miss Xia to change her decision."

How could Saohuang leave before his goal was achieved?

Like a worm in Saohuang's stomach, Sun Yu added provocatively, "If this Miss Xia doesn't come out, it means that she has surrendered! She might be a civilian but she is now a member of your platoon, which means that your team has surrendered as well!"

Munan's gaze that studied them turned cold instantly. The man was purposely slandering them. How could a military man like himself taking such an insult lying down‽

Yan Lu gritted his teeth in anger. If that was the battlefield, he would have thrown this Sun Yu to the floor. Almost everyone there felt that way. Ever since they were beaten by Saohuang's platoon, they had been nursing this grievance.

Saohuang realized the point had been made so he stood up with a smile. "Fine, if the lot of you are afraid to take the challenge, then so be it. Major Xi, I shall take my leave."

"And I thought how impressive this woman will be. Looks like she's a scaredy cat like the team she belongs to," Sun Yu stage whispered.

Just as they were prepared to leave, Xinghe's clear voice rang out.

"Who said I'm scared?"

She walked in slowly, holding full eye contact with Feng Saohuang. Everyone was shocked watching her sudden appearance. Saohuang's eyes that zeroed in on her intensified, his lips curved into an amused smile.

Sun Yu scoffed. "You're that Xia Xinghe? What, have you finally found the courage to face me? Too bad for you because I'm no longer in the mood."

He thought that would provoke Xinghe. Xinghe smiled demurely. "Perfect, because I find it below my station to challenge the likes of you anyway."

"You!" Sun Yu's face fell, he didn't expect a woman would have such a sharp tongue.

Yan Lu seconded, "That's right. It is indeed beneath our Miss Xia to challenge someone like you!"

"Indeed, not just anyone is qualified to challenge Miss Xia," Gu Li added.

"Definitely, people should measure themselves before they go issuing challenges to other people!" someone in the rowdy crowd shouted.

"So this is how you treat your guest? We come to issue a challenge out of admiration and this is how you treat the challenge? I should have known! I shouldn't have come today because the lot of you don't deserve my presence!" Sun Yu countered sarcastically.

Xinghe wasn't angered, instead she smiled. "It is the truth that I look down on you but it seems like the feeling's mutual. If that's the case, why don't you let me show you why I look down on you by letting me defeat you fully?"

Sun Yu wanted to vomit blood from bottled-up frustration. He knew he shouldn't have argued with a woman. They were the scum of the Earth. He wanted to tell her so badly that he didn't want to have anything to do with her anymore, but he hadn't forgotten the purpose of their visit.

Sun Yu smiled. "Fine, then let's have a competition. I will let you know what the meaning of humility!"

"We'll see." Xinghe answered coolly, further incensing Sun Yu.
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