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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 392: Godlike

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Chapter 392: Godlike

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They didn't expect Xinghe to bring them such a big surprise…

This was like a treasure falling from the sky!

"How about we all go watch the surveillance video?" Munan asked the Internal Affairs officers seriously, but the hint of a smile on his lips couldn't be suppressed. The officers nodded, that was their intention. Munan quickly ordered his men to pull out the previous night's surveillance video. Finally, the truth was on full display…

After everyone left, Xinghe sat down in front of each computer, operating them one after another. Her expression was serious and her hands as fast as lightning. It took less than a few minutes on each computer before she moved on to the next. Even though the video couldn't show what was on each computer clearly but it was clear enough to show it was indeed Xinghe who did everything! She completed the impossible task all on her own!

She was familiar with every single isolated assignment and her speed was inhumane; she didn't even stop for a second ever since she began. If it wasn't for the fact that the evidence was right before their eyes, they wouldn't have believed it.

Shu Mei's face blanched, like she was face-slapped by despair. How can such a human being even exist…

She, like most of the people there, thought Xinghe was there because of her connections. They were sorely mistaken. Xinghe's capabilities were way beyond their imagination!

Everyone's emotions were a complicated mess…

Before the video finished, Yan Lu exclaimed, "Miss Xia, just how can you be so scarily good‽ You're like a God!"

"He's right…" Gu Li was shaking with excitement, "I couldn't have imagined your ability would be so ridiculously good!"

Earlier, she already impressed him, but now, she practically shook him to his core!

Xinghe's ability was already something beyond his comprehension. Furthermore, this might not even be the best of her ability yet…

The rest looked at Xinghe with reverence reserved for a deity. They felt Xinghe was no longer a human like the rest of them, because how could a normal human being do something surpassing a human's abilities?

Xinghe understood what they were thinking and explained, "I just familiarized myself with the job scope. When you guys were working, I was figuring out a way to finish the mission."

That was why she could be so fast. She had done a mountain of preparation. However, her explanation did nothing to decrease the admiration the room had for her.

"Even so, what you did was incredible. Miss Xia, we were too blind to be able to recognize your talent, please forgive me for my previous slight!" a shame-faced technician apologized.

The apologies kept coming.

"Miss Xia, I also wish to apologize for what I said earlier, please don't take it to heart."

"Miss Xia, I'm so sorry…"

"Miss Xia, from now on, you'll be the idol of this platoon's tech team! Do the rest of you agree?"

"Of course, we do!"

Xinghe, as she'd promised, won over everyone with one fell swoop.

There were a lot of experienced technicians and young talents working there but they all submitted to Xinghe's capability. Xinghe's ability was so superhuman that they couldn't get envious if they wanted to. That was the power of true talent…

Even Shu Mei had to admit that Xinghe was the best computer expert she had ever met.
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