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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 372: Grind the Xi Family into the Ground!

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Chapter 372: Grind the Xi Family into the Ground!

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Saohuang cackled evilly when he received the reply. "Very good! This time, I will make them taste despair!"

Sun Yu, in his gold-rimmed glasses, gave a thin smile. "Last night, they even came up with strategies. They are not bad, alas, they're all useless now."

Saohuang laughed smugly. "Well, useless people can only come up with useless plans. Watch me, from this moment onwards, I will personally start grinding Xi Family into the ground!"

"Congratulations, boss." Sun Yu praised.

Saohuang continued laughing. He could see the victory in his grasp. Of course, his life target was more than winning this little contest. One day, he would have the whole world under his feet. His target was the very top of the human pyramid! And he would reach there by stepping on the Xi Family's dead bodies!

Every single drill within the military was highly anticipated. However, this particular drill was even more attention grabbing than usual because it was deeply related to the life or death of either platoon. It was indefinitely hard to come back from an early defeat. Furthermore, the superiors only gave them both six months to prepare. They couldn't afford any missteps or victory would probably be taken away from them. Therefore, for the purpose of this drill contest, each party swore to win and deal a heavy blow to their opponent's morale!

From Munan's perspective, even though Saohuang's platoon was slightly better, his men weren't that much worse. If they gave it their all, they had a chance to win. This thought was shared by his entire platoon. Alas, they didn't expect defeat would arrive so soon!

Their initial hope and confidence were completely decimated by reality. Their loss was so absolute it was laughable. They had the strength but, for some reason, the losses kept coming…

Air combat, LOSS!

Marine combat, LOSS!

The final ground combat was also close to being lost…

Munan was beside himself with shock at this development. "How could this happen?"

This was the biggest loss he had experienced in his military life. His adjutant, Yan Lu, who had fought alongside Munan almost from the very beginning couldn't believe it either. "This is impossible!"

He slammed heavily on the table and the layered glass top started to crack. "Our soldiers aren't that bad. We're a military unit that has taken down multiple international, illegal organizations before, how can we be losing so badly‽"

Within this platoon, many followed Munan since the start of his career. They were comrades that had been through many harsh challenges together, like taking down drug lords, insurgencies, and various criminal organizations…

They were like a sharp knife; no one could stand in their way. No matter how strong their opponents were, they wouldn't be defeated so completely. However, for this drill contest, Saohuang's platoon wiped the floor with them. They were annihilated without even taking down one of their opponent's soldiers.
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