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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 371: A Challenge

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Chapter 371: A Challenge

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Every day, both platoons grew at an incredible speed. No one dared to slack off because if one did, they would be chased out. Munan spent his every waking moment in the military camp; he didn't even have time to eat. The same was for Saohuang.

The platoons they trained were equally good, it was hard to predict an obvious winner. However, there was one thing that would decide their difference in strength. Flying Dragon Unit was a high-tech military unit so they required talents that would be good with high-end technology.

Talent like this was something inborn, it couldn't be trained. This would be the variable that decided the difference in strength of the two platoons. The Xi family was never lacking in human and monetary resources. The group they assembled for Munan was top of the field.

They thought they would have an upper hand over Saohuang on this factor but to their consternation, the talent Saohuang found was even better!

Software to simulate military training was written quickly. With the aid of such software, the training of Saohuang's platoon became more effective and convenient. Their improvement occurred a lot faster.

Munan quickly felt the distance between them increasing. This worried him deeply, he was afraid that the small gap would soon become a giant chasm. His men had tried their best but still couldn't overcome Saohuang's talents.

At a time like this, Saohuang dropped them a gauntlet. The official reason was constant competitions was conducive for improvement. People would only improve with comparison!

To seek improvement, Saohuang had tried everything he had his hands on. His feisty attitude was truly something else.

When Munan's camp received the challenge, the few important adjutants were furious.

"The guy is too arrogant!" a buff soldier by the name of Yan Lu roared angrily. "Does he think we're really afraid of him? When I joined the military, he was probably still chasing after girls! I say we accept his challenge and teach him a lesson or two!"

The strategist of their team, Gu Li looked at him and shook his head. "It is undeniable that Feng Saohuang is a capable soldier and leader, we cannot accept his challenge so easily. This will be the first contest between us, it will be crucial to morale. If we lose, our morale will plummet so much that I fear we will have to deal with the soldiers developing a defeatist attitude. That will not help us one bit."

Yan Lu glared at him. "So what? You'd have us run away like coward? If we do that then we'll really lose!"

Gu Li smiled. "I didn't say that. But every fight has its strategy, we need better preparation."

Munan nodded. "Both of you are right. We have to accept this challenge but not without sufficient preparation. This contest is too important for our morale. If we lose, our morale will be lower than theirs all the way to the actual drill. The one thing that a military unit needs is morale; we cannot afford to lose."

"Then, when will we finish preparing and accept his challenge?" Yan Lu asked, getting straight to the point.

Munan frowned. "We'll have a team discussion tonight and we'll accept the challenge tomorrow!"

For this contest, Munan's group spent the whole night coming up with strategies. According to Saohuang's platoon weaknesses, they came up with many strategies. Of course, the strategies weren't perfect but it was still better than nothing. Plus, if they gave it their all, who knew what the result would be?

With the strategies in place, Munan accepted Saohuang's challenge the next day!
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