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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 370: Sudden Change of the Appointment

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Chapter 370: Sudden Change of the Appointment

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Xinghe and Mubai were no saints. They would not hesitate to decimate their enemies, and this time, their enemies happened to overlap so that person would not have a good ending. Now they were waiting for Mubai to return with the good news and Feng Saohuang would be nothing but a worry in the past. In other words, Feng Saohuang's days were numbered.

Similarly, Saohuang also thought the same way about the Xi family. This was because with the Lin family's help, the letter of appointment that named Munan as the leader of the Flying Dragon Unit had suddenly been changed!

Both Munan and Saohuang were up for the appointment.

They were each given a separate platoon to train. After six months, they would participate in a drill. Whoever's platoon was better would be the leader and the other would be the platoon's vice leader. In other words, the meat that was in front of Munan's mouth had suddenly been taken away. The commander's role had now become something up for grabs. His opponent couldn't be taken down easily, he would have to focus completely to have a chance at winning.

When they received this news, the Xi family quickly went to investigate the truth. Needless to say, it had everything to do with the Lin family. The Lin family's influence enabled the opportunity to fall into Saohuang's laps as well.

"Looks like the Lin family is planning on making an enemy out of us," Grandfather Xi said solemnly with obvious displeasure.

Jiangnian added with equal distaste, "Father, they already did. This is such an obvious move to oppose us."

"Just because we were impolite to Lin Yun?" Munan scoffed. Their impression of the Lin family had dropped below ground. Actions spoke louder than words, and their actions proved their narrow-mindedness and despicability.

Grandfather Xi shook his head. "There's much more to it than that. The Lin family must have some darker plans against our Xi family. Everyone must be extra careful, we're taking on a whole family here."

"Grandfather, don't worry. I will not let Feng Saohuang take this away from me!"

Grandfather Xi nodded. "You're right, the most immediate thing now is to help you beat Feng Saohuang. No matter what, you mustn't let him win, we can't miss this opportunity. If we do, our weakness will be exposed and that will give our enemies the opening they need."

"Yes!" Munan promised with severity. Underneath his happy-go-lucky appearance was a reliable young man. Grandfather Xi believed in his capability.

However, they also knew that Saohuang was not ordinary. Saohuang had the ability to back up his ambitions. He would have made a bigger name for himself if he was born in a better family. However, the fact that he had managed to get so far was proof of his immense talent.

If he snatched a win, he would soar high into the sky. Then, the Xi family's days would be numbered. Therefore, no matter what, they had to ensure that Munan became the commander of the Flying Dragon Unit!

To facilitate the appointment, the training soon began. Saohuang and Munan reported to the military camp.

They were given equal amount of resources. This was to be a fair competition and the victor would be decided six months later. Therefore, the following six months would be a high-pressure period.

Munan had great experience under his belt and valuable contacts. His platoon improved tremendously on the first day alone.

The same happened with Saohuang's platoon. He was equally capable but had a more militant training style.
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