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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 368: Let's Accommodate Him

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Chapter 368: Let's Accommodate Him

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"Let's go take a look then…"

After that, no matter what Lin Lin said he was interested in, Xinghe would buy it for him. Just like that, the mother-and-son pair ate from almost every stall there was. When Mubai finally arrived with a normal looking outfit, they were full. However, even in a normal get-up, he was still extremely eye-catching so he had to put on a pair of sunglasses.

"Daddy, we're full. What do you want to eat?" Lin Lin asked considerately as he walked over.

Mubai was caught by surprise. "You're full?"

"That's right. Mommy and I have had our fill, there are so many delicious food, go try some!"

"We're going to the restaurant!" Mubai hissed through gritted teeth before turning to leave. He went through all the trouble of changing into another set of clothes and they already finished eating without him…

Mubai was morose on the way to the restaurant. Lin Lin seemed to read his mood and entreatingly offered, "Daddy, actually I can still eat…"

Mubai was silent. That was all good but he was concerned that Xinghe might not be able to take another bite.

He was proven right. In the luxurious restaurant, Xinghe had less than a few spoonfuls of the scrumptious feast the chef prepared for them. It was the same with Lin Lin. They only took a few bites before putting down their knives and spoons. Instead, both of them started slowly sipping their glasses of water. Sitting across them, Mubai also lost his appetite.

"This comes recommended from the chef, try some," he said as he helped Xinghe to a generous helping of lobster.

Xinghe seriously couldn't take another bite but felt bad for rejecting his kindness so she cut up some of the meat to share with Lin Lin. "Here, have some too. It'll help you grow faster."

"Okay." The little fella also couldn't take another bite but, since it was given to him by Xinghe, he forced himself to eat it. A tormented Lin Lin cut up the already small piece of lobster meat into minute kernels and started nibbling on them. Mubai sighed helplessly looking at the both of them but he was still optimistic.

"How about we skip lunch and go to the movies?"

He picked an artsy romance film. It was suitable for kids but children would have a hard time understanding what was happening.

According to his research, a touching romance could improve a couple's relationship so that was what he went with.

However, when they arrived at the cinema, Lin Lin was instantly attracted by the poster of a newly released animation.

"Mommy, let's watch this, I bet it is very interesting!"

The little fella recommended the film to Xinghe with glittering eyes. From his perspective, the animation was not only action-packed but also educational, so Xinghe certainly would like it. Xinghe conceded to his demand with a smile.

Mubai couldn't let his son ruin another one of his plans so he said, "I've already booked the ticket for another movie. If you want to watch the animation, we can come again next time."

Without waiting for an answer, he strode into the viewing hall. Xinghe and Lin Lin looked at each other and communicated wordlessly.

Lin Lin shrugged and explained, "That's daddy for you, he can get a bit bossy sometimes."

"I've noticed."

"Let's just accommodate him this time."


The two of them decided to play along. Mubai was overjoyed because things were finally going according to his plan. He sat beside Xinghe, eager to experience the feelings of romance with her.

However, Xinghe wasn't interested in romance and Lin Lin was at a complete loss. It didn't take long for the little fella to start yawning from boredom.

Xinghe finally couldn't help but suggest, "Let's go watch that animation. I'm more interested in that."
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