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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 367: Today's Date

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Chapter 367: Today's Date

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"Wonderful, so we'll go for a movie date after brunch." Mubai's lips curved into a smile. He was greatly anticipating the date. He hadn't dated before so he followed the traditional route. According to the routine Munan told him, after movie would be coffee, and then dinner. Finally, Munan said that if it was successful, it would end with a visitation back to the house or a hotel…

A deep V appeared between Mubai's brows when he thought about the last item on his itinerary. If he suggested that to Xinghe, she would probably kill him. Therefore, he decided to stick with movie and food for now.

Rome wasn't built in a day and romance was a probably even more work than that. As always, something happened to spoil his plan. Their car passed by a street food carnival. They had to slow due to the crowd.

Lin Lin pointed outside the window with excitement. "Mommy, what are they doing?"

He had never experienced a food carnival before.

"It's a food carnival. They sell many different kinds of food here."

His eyes fixating on the variety of street food, Lin Lin enquired eagerly, "Can we go try them out?"

"Do you want to?" Xinghe asked.

"Yeah, I haven't had any of these food items before." The little fella was practically drooling watching the parade of colorful food on display.

Xinghe agreed immediately, "Okay, then let's go."

Mubai retorted, "But I've booked the restaurant."

"There's no need to rush then, let Lin Lin have some fun." Xinghe was 100 percent pro-Lin Lin. The only reason she agreed to this date was to accompany her son so she wouldn't deny his request, and Mubai wouldn't deny her request.

"Alright, stop the car." Mubai ordered his driver.

As they prepared to descend, Lin Lin suddenly turned to Mubai and said, "Daddy, you can't go out like this. The crowd will recognize you. It would be too inconvenient."

For the purpose of this date, Mubai wore an exquisite custom suit. The tuxedo was hand-sewn and worth several hundred thousand. It was definitely attention-grabbing. Even those that couldn't recognize him would be staring at him.

That's why I said we should have gone straight to the restaurant. Mubai grumbled inwardly. He had even booked the entire restaurant.

"Why don't you wait for us in the car, I will go with Lin Lin," Xinghe suggested.

"That's right, Daddy. I can go with Mommy." The little fella nodded in agreement.

Mubai gave his son another side glance. He spotted a menswear shop not far away. He told them, "You two go first. I'll catch up, don't wander too far."

Xinghe understood what he was planning to do so she nodded before leading Lin Lin out the car. Lin Lin followed her obediently. His eyes glowed with childish innocence and interest, he wanted to have everything he saw.

"Mommy, what's that, do you want to try one?"

The little fella was smart. Instead of saying he wanted them for himself, he asked if Xinghe wanted to try them.

"That's a sugar doll 1 . Sure, let's try one." Xinghe naturally understood his plan and bought one for him.

Lin Lin took a bite out of the sugar doll that was shaped like a monkey and was surprised by its sweetness. He thought it was very delicious, better than all the delicacies he had ever tried.

"Mommy, this is very delicious. Here, have a bite." He passed it to Xinghe with great enthusiasm.

Xinghe bowed down to take a bite and commented with a smile, "It is very delicious."

Lin Lin beamed happily before pointing at another food item not far away. "Mommy, that meatball thing looks very delicious too."
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