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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 366: You Wouldn't Even Exist Without Me!

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Chapter 366: You Wouldn't Even Exist Without Me!

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Xinghe nodded. "I'm fine now."

"Do you promise that won't happen again?" Lin Lin asked with intense concern.

Xinghe smiled. "I promise."

"Wonderful!" Lin Lin cheered. "That means you'll stay with me forever, right?"

"Of course."

The smile on Lin Lin's grew bigger. "Mommy, do you promise to never leave me and be by my side forever?"

"Of course, I promise." Xinghe nodded. This was her wish as well, she wanted to stay by his side forever. Lin Lin was delighted hearing her promise, so was Mubai. After all, if Xinghe stayed by Lin Lin forever, it also meant that she would stay by his side forever.

"I also want to stay with Mommy forever," Lin Lin grabbed hold of her hands and said seriously, "Even if you don't plan to remarry daddy, I'm staying with you forever."

"Okay." Xinghe answered with a cheerful laugh.

Mubai frowned instantly. What the hell is the meaning of this 'Okay'? She really doesn't plan to remarry me?

"Will Mommy marry again in the future?" Lin Lin pressed on innocently even though his questions were loaded.

Xinghe answered truthfully, "I won't."

"No matter who the groom is?"


"Then, you will be my one and only mommy." Lin Lin offered a dazzling smile. Xinghe patted his head lovingly. "Of course, I'll always be your mommy, silly."

"Mommy, when I grow up, let's stay together. I will support you. What do you think?" The moment Lin Lin finished his sentence Mubai couldn't help but lecture him sternly, "Enough with the questions."

The sudden lecture made Lin Lin turn around to look at Mubai with a curious expression.

Mubai continued coolly, "You aren't so talkative normally. A man should always talk less and think more."

"I'm not a man, I'm a boy," Lin Lin countered righteously, "Plus, I'm chatting with Mommy… my mommy."

"I know that's your mommy but you wouldn't even exist without me!" Mubai argued rather unreasonably.

"But, I came out of Mommy's stomach. I was literally a part of her, so naturally we have a lot of things to discuss." The little guy was quite the little debater. "Furthermore, we've spent so many years apart, it's only natural that we have a lot of things to catch up on."

"You're just a child, what things do you have to catch up on? Go sit in the front, we adults have serious things to discuss," Mubai ordered sternly.

Needless to say, Lin Lin didn't move to the front. Instead he curled onto Xinghe's lap and snuggled deep into Xinghe's embrace, or what he called his no-disturbance mode. "Feel free to discuss, I won't make a noise. You won't even realize I'm here."

Unamused, Mubai stared at him and sighed helplessly. Xinghe cuddled with Lin Lin and told Mubai softly, "It's good to be tough with kids, but you have to be fair too."

Mubai's tone immediately softened. "I am a fair father, it's just that he seems to be forgetting his manners today."

Xinghe was confused. "Forgetting his manners, when? Lin Lin didn't do anything."

What 'didn't do anything'? It's one thing for the little devil to not help with my remarriage plan but to encourage you to oppose it? He's done a lot of wrong.

Of course, he had to keep those thoughts to himself. Mubai knew that continuing this debate would only backfire on him so he cleverly changed the topic, "How about we go for a movie after brunch? I've booked three movie tickets."

Xinghe nodded insouciantly. "Sure, why not."

Since you've booked it, why still ask me?

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