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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 365: Ignored Him Completely

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Chapter 365: Ignored Him Completely

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From that, Chengwu could tell this was Xinghe's son, Xi Lin.

"You're Lin Lin?" Chengwu asked with obvious surprise.

Lin Lin nodded and answered politely, "That's me, Grandpa, nice to meet you."

Chengwu was taken aback and then realized Lin Lin should definitely call him grandpa. This was the first time he had been called grandpa so he couldn't stop grinning.

"Good, good, Lin Lin, nice to meet you. Please come in, you're here to see Xinghe, right? She'll be down in a bit! Please come in to wait!"

Chengwu invited them with enthusiasm, the awkwardness he'd had around Mubai yesterday had completely disappeared. Lin Lin's presence had completely diffused that. Lin Lin might be precocious beyond his years but he was simply too cute. Lin Lin was well-behaved and good looking to boot. His adorableness was off the charts. He hadn't come across someone that he couldn't charm.

"Lin Lin, have you had your breakfast? Do you want something to eat?"

Xinghe was coming down and saw how her uncle was pampering Lin Lin. Lin Lin shook his head obediently. "Second Grandpa, I'm not hungry, but thank you for offering."

"You're not hungry? How about some sweets, fruits, or a glass of juice then?"

Xinghe couldn't help but smile. When they spotted her, Chengwu turned to her and commented happily, "Xinghe, Lin Lin is too cute and very intelligent."

Xinghe's bright eyes that fell on Lin Lin softened with tenderness.

"Lin Lin," she called his name softly.

The little fella responded with a wide grin. "Mommy."

Xinghe couldn't suppress the happiness that bubbled up within her. For some reason, even though they had spent years apart, there was no distance between them. Happiness was apparent on their faces.

Lin Lin half-hopped to her side and naturally took her hand. He then raised his head to look up at her and asked, "Mommy, are you ready? We've booked the restaurant."

Xinghe nodded with a big smile. "I am."

"Then, let's go." The little fella didn't forget about Chengwu, he waved as they headed towards the door. "Second Grandpa, we're leaving but I'll visit again next time."

"Alright, Grandpa will be waiting," Chengwu bid them farewell reluctantly.

Lin Lin nodded in promise as he happily pulled Xinghe outside. Xinghe's eyes were constantly on him.

Mubai who sat on the sofa felt his heart squeeze in vexation. Haven't they forgotten about something? How can they ignore me so completely?

Even Chengwu who turned back in after bidding them farewell at the door was shocked to find him still sitting there. "Huh, why didn't you join them?"

"Uncle Xia, then I shall be leaving. Goodbye."


Mubai strode towards his car as naturally as he could. When he got close, he realized Xinghe and Lin Lin were already inside and seated. They were happily chatting among themselves. Even after they noticed him, they didn't respond in any way but continue talking between themselves.

Mubai suddenly had a curious thought. Was it wrong for me to bring Lin Lin along for this meal?

After he got in, Mubai wanted to sit beside Xinghe but Lin Lin refused to budge. In fact, the little fella purposely used his butt to push Mubai back so that there was a large distance between Mubai and Xinghe.

"Mommy, are you feeling better?" Lin Lin ignored Mubai's frustration and focused all his attention on Xinghe.

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