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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 364: Fetching Xinghe with Lin Lin

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Chapter 364: Fetching Xinghe with Lin Lin

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After all, he was investigating a dangerous illegal armed organization. Mubai heard the concern in her voice and couldn't help but smirk. "I have to. Only by going personally can I find out about this organization and perhaps uncover some proof."

"When are you leaving?"

"In two days."

Xinghe nodded and didn't say much more. She merely said, "After you've ascertained more about the organization's identity and structure, leave the rest to me."

Mubai arched his brow but understood what she meant.

"Okay." He didn't reject her offer.

Munan though was in the dark. "Big Sister Xia, what do you mean by leave the rest to you? You have ways to trace it back to Feng Saohuang?"

"That's right." Xinghe nodded.

Munan widened his eyes in shock. "Really? But how can you do that? Even with information on the organization, it will be extremely difficult to connect them to Feng Saohuang."

Xinghe smiled lightly. "Difficult yes but not impossible. As long as he has made contact with this organization in some way, I will be able to prove it."

With a computer and internet connection, no information could avoid Xinghe's detection. Munan knew she was good with computers and now he finally understood what she meant. He immediately raised his thumb at Xinghe and the glow of admiration in his eyes increased. Xinghe didn't feel proud being admired, but pride was evident in the way Mubai looked at Xinghe.

He told Munan, "Xinghe's ability is beyond your wildest imagination. When I'm not around, you should come to her if you need help."

"Okay, no problem." After a few more words, Mubai and Munan decided to leave.

Before he left, Mubai reminded Xinghe, "I have no clue what the Lin family's attitude towards the Xi family is at the moment but I doubt it is friendly. Furthermore, I found out today that Lin Yun and Saohuang have made contact. Be careful because I'm afraid the two of them might come up with some harmful scheme."

Xinghe nodded. "Understood."

"Then we're leaving. By the way, let's have breakfast together tomorrow, Lin Lin will be coming along."

Mubai stared at her with anticipation in his eyes.

Xinghe was caught by surprise. That was their original plan but it was ruined by Chu Tianxin's scheme and after that, a whole slew of surprises had happened. Then, without realizing it, months had passed.

Xinghe nodded again. "Alright."

Mubai had an ear-to-ear grin. "We will pick you up at home tomorrow, wait for us okay?"

He was afraid something might happen to her should she travel alone to meet them like last time.

Xinghe nodded once more. Mubai was ecstatic, if not for Munan, he would have leaned in to kiss her.

"See you tomorrow then." Mubai left with a wicked smile. Munan winked at Xinghe before following Mubai.

Xinghe, for some reason, was feeling anxious about tomorrow's breakfast. She would feel this way whenever she was meeting her son…

Xinghe worked out her nerves by doing research on Feng Saohuang. Saohuang's information was clean as a whistle. Other than his impressive military career, there was nothing suspicious. It looked like they really needed a lead to follow from the illegal organization.

Early the next day, Mubai arrived to fetch Xinghe with Lin Lin in tow.

Xia Zhi had long left for the company so it was Chengwu who greeted them at the door.

Chengwu was pleasantly surprised to see the big and small pair that looked very much like each other.
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