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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 362: His Alone

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Chapter 362: His Alone

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Mubai shrugged innocently at Xinghe as if saying, I can't help it.

Meaning this was all Munan's handiwork, he couldn't do anything about it.

"Sister-in-law, can we join you for dinner?" Munan again asked naturally. Xinghe didn't answer and Munan instantly turned towards Chengwu, "Uncle Xia, sorry for disturbing your family dinner; I hope you don't mind if we join in."

"Of… of course not. I'll go get you too some utensils."

It wasn't just Mubai; it appeared that Chengwu was also helpless before Munan.

Xia Zhi, on the other hand, was getting increasingly annoyed at Munan because he had stolen his place!

Mubai and him each took the seat beside Xinghe so where was he going to sit? He also wanted to sit beside his sister…

The thing that made him gloomier was the fact that his father had welcomed his competition in with such enthusiasm. Chengwu quickly returned with two new sets of utensils. Munan accepted them from Chengwu and really started to dig in.

Unlike his cousin, Mubai picked up some food to put into Xinghe's bowl. The practiced way he did it showcased how often he had done it in the past. His open display of love and kindness towards Xinghe made the atmosphere around the table rather weird and complicated. Chengwu kept stealing glances at them, Mubai pretended he didn't see it and kept putting the food onto Xinghe's plate.

Even Xinghe felt embarrassed. "That's enough, I can eat on my own."

"Okay," Mubai took back his chopsticks with a smile but not before adding, "You have to eat more, you've lost too much weight."

However, she had a hard time raising her appetite being gawked at by Mubai. Xia Zhi suddenly coughed and asked, "Just now you said you're here to thank my sister, what is that all about?"

Munan replied with a smile, "Sister-in-law helped me with a giant favor so I'm here to personally thank her."

"What kind of favor?"

"Work-related favor. Sister-in-law is truly impressive."

Xia Zhi said proudly, "Of course, she is. She is my sister, my idol."

Munan nodded in agreement and looked at Xinghe with admiration. "Sister-in-law, from now on, you too will be my idol!"

"Please call me by my name," Xinghe corrected him with a frown.

Munan shook his head vehemently. "How could I do that? The utter disrespect! Plus, in my heart, you will always be my sister-in-law. Or how about this? I will call you Big Sister Xia!"

"But that's my sister," Xia Zhi finally couldn't help but chime in with jealousy.

Munan nodded smilingly. "And my sister-in-law."

"…" Xia Zhi really wanted to chase this person out. My sister has nothing to do with their family, why must he try to steal my sister away?

Mubai found the two of them extremely juvenile because Xinghe could only be his.

Xinghe finally couldn't stand Mubai's constant gentle gaze on her anymore. She asked softly, "Other than thanking me, is there another reason why the two of you are here?"

"Not really, we just want to discuss some things with you, but those can wait, let's finish dinner first," Mubai said gently and he moved to pick up more dishes for Xinghe.

"Then, let's finish this meal quickly," Xinghe said and started eating in a hurry, she just wanted this awkward dinner to be over with.

After she finished her meal, she put down her utensils and stood up to say, "Come, we can continue this conversation in my study."

She didn't care whether they had finished their meal or not and strode upstairs. Mubai naturally moved to follow.

Munan who was still eating also put down his chopsticks and ran to catch up.

Xia Zhi thought of following but, for some reason, he felt his sister would just chase him away.

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