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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 359: Everything the Xi Family Owns

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Chapter 359: Everything the Xi Family Owns

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Saohuang took the hint and ventured cautiously, "Does Miss Lin also have grievances about the Xi family?"

Lin Yun smiled and asked in return, "Why? Could it be that Big Brother Feng also feels the same way?"

Saohuang laughed. "I don't have the guts to harbor such thoughts, but you know how disheartening it can be being suppressed by others for a long time. Alas, my Feng family is not powerful enough to fight back, so what can we possibly do?"

Lin Yun naturally knew about the beef between the Xi and Feng families; it was why she was there.

Lin Yun said with sympathy, "Big Brother Feng, from my perspective you are much better than that Xi Munan. Why should he be the leader of the Flying Dragon Unit and not you? I do not understand."

"This is my superior's decision, I cannot question it," Saohuang stated with a thin smile, "But I'm gratified that Miss Lin would look out for my well-being; I'm flattered."

Lin Yun understood the words left unsaid. Saohuang was deeply annoyed by the fact that the Xi family had stolen the position of the Flying Dragon Unit's leader away from him.

Lin Yun gave a charming smile. "However, I would advise Big Brother Feng not to give up so soon. If you don't mind, I could offer some help."

Saohuang's eyes shone. "You can help me?"

Lin Yun nodded with a triumphant smile. "Indeed. As you know, my Lin family's ancestor is one of the founding fathers and my grandfather holds a lot of weight in Hwa Xia. Helping Big Brother Feng is well within our means."

Saohuang immediately turned serious. "I dare say, how will the Lin family help me? Of course, I, Feng Saohuang, will remember this kindness for as long as I live."

This was the sentence Lin Yun was waiting for. She looked at Saohuang and said with a mysterious smile, "Big Brother Feng, before that, I have to ask and ascertain your dedication to surpassing the Xi family; I couldn't just cooperate with any wimp now, could I?"

Saohuang smiled chillingly. "My greatest wish is to step on the bodies of every Xi family member to rise to the top; I wonder, am I dedicated enough?"

Lin Yun chuckled. "Enough, more than enough. I know Big Brother Feng and I will be able to see eye to eye. Let's work together from now on."

Saohuang asked directly, "What is the term of this cooperation?"

"Very easy, I'll help you get what you want and you help me get what I want."

Again, Saohuang asked, "What exactly is it that you want?"

Lin Yun smiled slightly and a flash of enmity appeared on her beautiful face. "Everything the Xi family owns!"

Saohuang was shocked. Xi family's wealth was enough to buy out a small country. In fact, their presence was enough to influence Hwa Xia's economy. The most he could hope for was to topple their political standing, it would take more than Feng family to eradicate Xi family. Therefore, he was surprised that the Lin family's ambition was so big.

Saohuang advised her kindly, "Miss Lin, the Xi family's entire assets are not so easily obtainable."

"I know," Lin Yun continued with pride, "That wasn't the original plan but it is their fault for disrespecting me so much. Since they've asked for total demolition, then that is what they'll get. Only by eradicating them can we sleep peacefully at night, wouldn't you agree, Big Brother Feng?"

Saohuang laughed out loud. "Of course, you're right. But my current position is still too minor…"

"Worry not, you do not need to care about that side of things. The only thing you need to focus on is surpassing them and making sure that they lose their standing in the political world. We will handle the rest."
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