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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 347: Chase Her Away!

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Chapter 347: Chase Her Away!

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Every member of the Xi family was person of importance. The fact that most of them had to beg her to stay greatly soothed her inflated ego. She knew where to draw the line; plus, for the sake of future plans, she couldn't cross the Xi family outright.

"Grandfather Xi, Auntie, and Uncles, since you've said so then it would seem inappropriate for me to leave just that that. However, how could a junior like me trouble auntie and uncles to accompany me? Since Big Brother Xi is busy, how about asking that lady to accompany me," Lin Yun smiled as she turned towards Xinghe.

Xinghe raised her eyes slowly, she was rather bewildered as to why she'd been drawn into this political song and dance. Mubai darkened his eyes instantly. Even Grandfather Xi paused for a moment…

Lin Yun took in the shift in their expression and proffered an innocent smile like she didn't know any better. "This lady looks like an old friend of mine, so I would like to spend some time with her. Of course, between her and Big Brother Xi, I don't mind either one."

Lin Yun was purposely putting them in a tough spot. Since Mubai didn't give her face first, then she was going to target the woman that he seemed to care about. If the Xi family dared to reject her again, then she would have more than enough reason to not be decorous anymore.

The whole Xi family knew she was purposely giving them a hard time. If this was before, no one would've dared treat them this way. However, they needed her help so they had to accept being bossed around by a little girl.

Grandfather Xi's face was drawn but eventually he suggested solemnly, "Xinghe, since Xiao Yun appears to have a liking for you, why don't you spend a day with her?"

"That's right, Xinghe. Since Mubai is not free, why don't you accompany Xiao Yun on his behalf?" Mrs. Xi urged, the hint couldn't be more obvious.

This was make or break for the Xi family and they desperately needed Xinghe's cooperation.

Xinghe was a paragon of serenity, she kept her calm countenance. However, Mubai couldn't help but scoff out loud. He raised his eyes to look at Lin Yun. Even though he was sitting down and she was standing, it felt like he was looking down on her.

"Miss Lin, our Xi family might have come to you for help but that doesn't mean it gives you the right to lord over us. You're too much of a nothing to boss the members of the Xi family around, much less her. If you want to see City T so much, there's the door. Please."

"You!" Lin Yun widened her eyes in anger. Her face was red from fury. She didn't think Mubai would dare to disrespect her so openly! He dared to chase her away!

Grandfather Xi knew things were going south fast. Before he could say a word, Mrs. Xi quickly berated Mubai, "Mubai, how can you talk to Xiao Yun in that manner. Xiao Yun, let's leave him be. Come, follow Auntie because Auntie has a present for you, it's a diamond necklace worth tens of thousands of dollars…"

"Not necessary!" Lin Yun shrugged Mrs. Xi off. She glowered angrily at them. "Don't you think your Xi family has acted out of line? Have you invited me to get insulted? I'm leaving now and I'm telling my grandfather how you've treated me!"

"Xiao Yun, please don't be mad…" Mrs. Xi was quick to console her. At the same time, she gave Mubai and Xinghe an evil glare. The two of them were simply too rash.

It was not like they didn't know the Xi family's situation. It was one thing if they didn't want to help but did they have to anger Lin Yun?

This would only make things worse for the Xi family.

No matter how Mrs. Xi and Mr. Xi tried to comfort Lin Yun, her anger wouldn't dissipate.

Not only that, her sense of entitlement was slowly surfacing.

"Fine, if you want to me to not be angry, I demand an apology!" Lin Yun pointed at Xinghe and Mubai, and ordered haughtily, "I want a sincere apology from the both of them. If not, then I'm leaving right this moment and your Xi family can handle your trouble on your own!"
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