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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 342: Too Surprising

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Chapter 342: Too Surprising

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"Almost everyone lay down to sleep because the operation was physically demanding and it was almost midnight. However, when they woke up, half of the munitions disappeared and the ones tasked with guarding them were unconscious. The most surprising thing was that none of them heard anything. Post investigation showed that their water was drugged with sleeping pills."

"But why should the suspicions fall on Munan, sounds like they're all equally guilty."

Mubai shook his head. "That's not how the military works. Munan is the operation leader so he has to shoulder all the blame."

"In other words, he has to take the fall if the munitions are not discovered."


"What is the consequence of that?" Xinghe asked again.

Mubai explained with a low growl, "Probably not that bad, at most a suspension from duty. Of course, I don't think the culprit will stop at that."

"They aim to crush the Xi family in one fell swoop?" Xinghe questioned.

Mubai looked at her with awe. "What made you think that?"

Xinghe smirked. "Isn't that obvious? If the culprit is the Feng family, they will only rise to the top with the Xi family out of the way. Furthermore, Feng Saohuang is a heartless character, he will not give his enemy a chance to recuperate in case they gather enough strength to retaliate."

Mubai nodded. "You're right, we see eye to eye on this."

"This means that they will make sure the charge is pinned on Munan. While suspension from duty is not serious but the criminal charge will be. After all, in the world of politics, reputation speaks volume. The Xi family will be shunned politically if it produces a national traitor."

"I agree."

Xinghe continued her analysis. "Therefore, they will definitely plant the munitions in some premise related to the Xi family. Do you have any idea where that might be?"

Mubai's eyes shone brightly. "Xi Empire's Pier!"

Xi Empire was involved in a myriad of business interest, its products branching into multiple territories. The Xi family had a corporate pier and many containers got shipped through there every day. If the munitions were discovered there, it would be the best proof of criminal activity. It was a 'kill two birds with one stone' plan; it would not only incriminate Munan, but also Mubai as well! The Xi family would be taken out in one fell swoop.

Mubai was considered a genius already but he completely hadn't considered that possibility. He needed Xinghe to remind him!

If not for her, the Xi family would truly be in deep waters. Even Mubai shuddered considering the worst scenario. However, the bigger part of him was in awe with Xinghe's brilliance!

At that moment, Mubai's heart was a mess of emotions, he needed time to pick them apart.

Xinghe slapped down her chopsticks. "Let's go to the pier now!"

Mubai stood up to leave and he was shocked to realize Xinghe intend to follow him.

"You're going too?" He asked in astonishment.

"Of course, you might need my help."

"No way, your health…"

"I'm fine," Xinghe's gaze was unwavering. "Taking care of Feng Saohuang is our focus. If we let him pull this off, all of our lives will be in danger, so my health can be ignored for now."

Mubai's eyes darkened. He gripped Xinghe's hands tightly and promised firmly, "I swear as long as I'm around, I will not let anything happen to you."

Xinghe's eyes shook and she changed the subject, "Let's get to the pier for now."

"Okay." Mubai pulled her along and this time, Xinghe didn't shrug off his grasp.

After some brief preparations, they left for the pier. In the car, Mubai called his men and started issuing orders.
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