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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 338: Start to Care About Him

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Chapter 338: Start to Care About Him

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Xinghe was surprised he would promise such a thing.

Tell me should you need any help and I will do everything I can to help you.

That was a serious promise that Mubai gave.

Xinghe turned back to the computer and responded, "In that case, I will do my best to help your family. I'm sure that, with our cooperation, we can overcome this predicament."

"Sounds great!" Mubai said with a winning smile. He was overjoyed because he realized Xinghe was looking out for him. It had been hard work getting to this stage. There was finally a small space for him in her heart…

Then he thought back to the sudden kiss that they shared. When it happened, her response wasn't repugnance but surprise. If Xinghe loathed him as her pursuer, he knew she would have slapped him or worse.

They had once been married so they had done the 'deed' before but those were compelled by lust. However, his kiss earlier wasn't born out of lust but love. That was probably why she was shocked.

Mubai didn't dare push his luck; he was satisfied with the kiss. As they say, baby steps. It was because he respected her and cared about her that he would attend to her concern and take things at her preferred pace. After all, he couldn't afford to scare her away. She was too important to him.

"Before we deal with the Feng family, do take a rest. You just woke up today so don't exhaust yourself. Rest for a few days first," Mubai reminded her gently.

Xinghe had other plans. "I'm perfectly fine, I will rest when my body tells me to. Speaking of which, where's Xia Meng?"

"Her old body was no longer usable so we transferred her memory into a coma patient. Actually, I think she might be awake now too since you are. Also, she already gave me her energy crystal, I can pass it to you anytime you want."

Xinghe nodded. "I'm glad she has a new start. It's good that she passed you the energy crystal, this is our secret weapon against Feng Saohuang."

Mubai thought of that too. "Saohuang thought Ye Shen only had one, right? This can be the one variable that screws up his plan completely."

"Indeed. However, we must be careful to not let him find out the location of the two crystals Ye Shen hid first."

Mubai sighed helplessly. "If only we knew where Ye Shen hid it."

Mubai's men had almost turned the city around but there was no progress. However, this probably meant that Feng Saohuang's men would have the same trouble locating them as well.

Xinghe had a lightbulb moment, and she said quickly, "Can you get me Xia Meng's energy crystal? I have an idea I wish to try out."

"What idea?"

"The energy crystals are a type of rare metal, right? We can use that property to create a detecting instrument."

Mubai looked at her curiously. "You have confidence that you can make it work?"

"No promises, but it doesn't hurt to try." Contrary to her words, Xinghe sound absolutely confident.

Mubai's eyes were gleaming when he looked at her. He loved witnessing her acting confidently. To him, it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

"Alright, I will give it to you in a bit," Mubai couldn't help but smile. "But you have to rest for now, I'll have the cooks prepare something for you. What are you in the mood for?"

"Anything is fine." Xinghe was not a picky eater.

Mubai nodded as he moved to support her up. "Then, I shall help you retire to bed for now. I will call when the food's ready."

Xinghe was inclined to demur but she was feeling rather tired. Mubai was right, she was still recovering. She had been up for only one or two hours but she felt weighed down by great fatigue.
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