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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 336: He's the Feng Family's Young Master

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Chapter 336: He's the Feng Family's Young Master

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Mubai was still recovering from his sudden, uncontrollable passion. His gaze turned towards the screen following her words.

"It's him!" Mubai narrowed his eyes with menace. The face of the man on screen was awfully familiar. The air around Mubai became charged with killing intent.

"This is your kidnapper?" he asked chillingly.

Xinghe nodded. "That's him. Do you know him? Who is he?"

Mubai laughed joylessly. "So it is him. In City T, there is only one party powerful enough to come after the Xi family and that is the Feng family. This here is the Feng family's Young Master, Feng Saohuang. Not only that, he is currently a major general."

"The Feng family?" Xinghe was not familiar with City T's politics so she hadn't heard that name before.

Mubai explained, "The Feng family is our bitter rival. In recent years, they have expanded greatly and now their target has finally turned towards our Xi family. For your information, something bad happened to Munan yesterday, now I'm even more certain it has everything to do with them."

"Your cousin, Munan?" Xinghe was surprised.

"That's the one."

"What happened?"

Mubai told her everything. Xinghe was shocked that a force as powerful as the Xi family would face a predicament as serious as this. Then again, the higher one climbs, the greater the number of people who would want you to fall. After all, the Xi family had too big of a market monopoly, only by taking down the Xi family could other people rise.

Xinghe understood how ruthless the world could be, especially the business and military worlds. It was eat or be eaten.

Feng Saohuang would stop at nothing for the sake of power and profit. She'd personally tasted his methods before; she knew he was a cold-blooded person. Now that his target had switched to the Xi family, his goal was most likely greater than taking down the Xi Family. He must be aiming to crush the Xi family until there was no chance of a comeback!

She couldn't allow that to happen! She did promise to help Mubai whenever she could and she couldn't allow any harm to come to her son!

Therefore, for the sake of Lin Lin, she had to help neutralize this threat; she had to neutralize the Feng family.

"Have you put any counter measures in place yet?" Xinghe asked suddenly.

Mubai admitted solemnly, "Not yet. There is no proof so we can't do anything against him. The most pressing thing now is to help Munan clear his name so that Feng Saohuang's ploy wouldn't succeed."

Xinghe nodded. "However, that is easier said than done. We should concentrate on smoking out the traitor first before we can start looking for the stolen munitions."

Mubai looked at her and smiled handsomely. "You think there's a traitor as well?"

Xinghe raised her brow. "Only a traitor could steal the munitions so silently from under your cousin's nose."

"You're right," Mubai's eyes filled with vengeance. "Whoever it is, their ending won't be good for betraying our Xi Family."

"Do say something if you need my help," Xinghe said, "After all, my rage can only be quenched by dealing with that Feng Saohuang myself!"

Mubai asked, "Why is he going for the black casket? What is his connection to Project Galaxy?"

Only then Xinghe realized she hadn't told Mubai the information given to her by Ye Shen.

"Do you want to know what the big secret Ye Shen had been hiding is?"


"According to him, the end of the world will happen in the next fifteen years, and the black caskets are energy crystals to power the spaceship that will take us away from Earth."

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