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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 334: The One and Only Xia Xinghe

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Chapter 334: The One and Only Xia Xinghe

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It was her tapered fingers with the lines that she used to hate. She found them very meaningful at that moment because they were her own. They belonged to the original Xia Xinghe, she was finally staring at her own hands!

She turned to ask the nurse, "What date is it today?"

"It's the second of November."

That meant that she had been unconscious for a little bit more than a month. It appeared that her memory had switched back. Xinghe pulled away the mattress and made to get off the bed.

The nurse quickly stopped her. "Miss Xia, what are you doing? You just woke up, please don't stress yourself."

"To the toilet," Xinghe answered softly. Even though her body was still weak, her gait had a natural confidence in it.

The nurse studied her with a curious expression. She had a feeling something had changed within Xinghe. She appeared to be quite different from before…

Xinghe stood in front the bathroom mirror and studied the face in the mirror. Her eyes shuddered. It was her old face again. The memories had really been swapped, she was her old self again. She liked the feeling because only this way could she really have her future under her control. Her body, her fate.

Xinghe smiled and accepted the fact that her body had returned without much fuss.

She exited the bathroom and asked the nurse, "Where's Mubai?"

Now the nurse truly felt Xinghe was a changed woman. The earlier Xia Xinghe was someone incredibly normal, if anything a little bit weak. However, the Xia Xinghe before her had a queen-like presence. Her words pulled you in and dared you to defy her.

The nurse answered respectfully, "Mr. Xi was here just a moment ago but he was pulled away by a phone call. Recently, he's spent all his time here, waiting for you to wake up."

Xinghe nodded before adding, "Can you help me prepare a change of clothes, I would like to take a bath."

"Alright…" The nurse moved to prepare but she turned back after some hesitation. "Miss Xia, you just woke up, so you ought to delay taking a bath until you've regained more energy."

"No worries, I'm fine." Xinghe said before heading back into the bathroom.

She realized there were probably people who came to give her a daily scrub but she still wished to reward herself with a good bath. After all, this was her own body and she had earned a new appreciation for it.

After the bath, Xinghe changed into her new clothes and had a bowl of porridge. She instantly felt much better.

She closed her eyes as she leaned back on the sofa. The air in the room carried the hint of flowers from outside. She felt reborn, which in a way, she was.

She thought back to the period of her marriage to Mubai, the feeling of disgust she had for herself, the helplessness and forlornness…

But now, she liked the person she had become. She was glad she had returned to her old self and she swore to cherish herself no matter what happened in the future. After the whole episode, she had a new appreciation for how good it felt to be herself. To have full control of her own destiny, it was the most meaningful thing in the world. Therefore, from then onwards, she would only be Xia Xinghe, the one and only Xia Xinghe!

After a rare, sentimental moment, Xinghe picked herself up and went to work. She didn't waste any time and started working using the computer in the room.

Previously, the computer was for Xia Meng to watch television or play game when she was bored.

Now, it was an item of convenience for Xinghe. She downloaded a 3D facial modeling program and started shaping the mystery man's face from memory…
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