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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 330: Someone Was Here!

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Chapter 330: Someone Was Here!

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"This is my last kindness towards you," the man said gently while his eyes flashed with bloodlust.

The syringe in his hand went straight for the blood vessel on Xinghe's arm.

Right at that moment, Xinghe opened her eyes!

Their eyes met and the man froze in his motion. Of course, he wasn't expecting her to wake up at a time like this.

To be fair, neither did Xinghe expect that the first thing to drift into her ears when she gained consciousness would be his monologue before he killed her.

She peeled open her eyes from sheer desire to live. She glared daggers at him.

Faced with her sudden awakening, the man was understandably flustered, however he quickly collected himself. Naturally, he was not cowed by Xinghe's evil stare.

He chuckled coldly before adding, "Now that you've woken up, the more reason for me to kill you. Goodbye, Xia Meng."

To his confusion, Xinghe suddenly collapsed back to unconsciousness. Everything was so sudden that the man suspected he was dreaming.

Was that some momentary recovery of consciousness before death? the man questioned himself.

Regardless, the man knew that dragging this on would only be detrimental to him. He pulled Xinghe's arm straight and stuck the needlepoint into her blood vessel.

However, before he could press down on the syringe, the guards outside the door said, "Young Master!"

Mubai nodded in response before walking into the room. The room was empty except for the unconscious Xinghe who lay on the bed. However, the window was open and a draft was blowing into the room. For some reason, Mubai felt a strange presence in the room.

"Who opened the window‽" Mubai demanded ferociously.

Xinghe was still recovering so the draft would do her more harm than good. Which idiot left this window open?

The guards huddled at the door and looked at each other curiously. "We have no idea, none of us opened it."

Mubai walked to the window to check at its corner like he saw something but there was nothing out of the ordinary there.

Furthermore, this was the fifteenth floor, no one could have climb in from the window. So what was this sinking feeling in his stomach?

Mubai's face gloomed over and ordered the guards, "Spread out and be on the lookout for suspicious individuals. Someone was here!"

The guards were caught by surprise but soon moved to oblige.

Mubai sat back down beside Xinghe to inspect her situation. Eventually his eyes zeroed in on the small puncture wound her arm. Even though there were many wounds on her arms due to the IV but Mubai was sure this was a new one.

"F*ck!" Mubai quickly called for Lu Qi to check on Xinghe. He was deadly worried someone had done something harmful to her. Thankfully, Lu Qi didn't find anything worse than usual about her condition. Xinghe was still weak and dying.

"Maybe you're overthinking this," Lu Qi comforted him. He believed Mubai's psyche had been pulled a bit too taut recently.

Mubai was working on his laptop. He was looking through the security footage.

He chuckled mirthlessly at Lu Qi's words. "Someone has tampered with the hospital's security records and you still think I'm being too paranoid?"

"What?" Lu Qi frowned. "Can you recover the original data?"

Mubai shook his head. "The opponent tampered with the files before they made their move and not after, so there is not much I can do."

The security videos were useless.

"Who are these people that they are so hell bent on taking Xia Meng's life?" Lu Qi asked solemnly.

Mubai's eyes flashed gruesomely when he answered, "We'll know when you finish your research."
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