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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 322: Time to Escape

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Chapter 322: Time to Escape

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97
After all, the woman seemed to be related to Xi Mubai and his subordinates had confirmed that Xi Mubai was also looking for her.

It was still too early for him to take on the Xi Family…

"Please do not worry, we know what to do!" The doctor nodded repeatedly.

The man nodded satisfactorily in return. "You can leave now."

"Yes, sir!"

The man stayed even after the doctor had left. He studied Xinghe who was recuperating on the bed closely. She had features that could help her disappear easily in a crowd. He didn't expect such an unassuming woman would such a spirited character. She had an inimitable and unbendable will, a very special woman.

The man was truly surprised by this discovery. She would opt for suicide rather than suffer through his torment. Under such circumstances, she still had the state of mind to consider suicide, the woman was truly something else.

Of course, he understood her suicide was not out of fear or weakness. She would rather succumb to death than to him, it was a giant middle finger to his face!

It was an expression of her absolute freedom, something he could not take away from her no matter what.

Xinghe thought that would anger the man but she was wrong. The man was intrigued. He even considered the possibility of letting her live if she would just reveal the location of the energy crystal.

Unbeknownst to the man, for the first time in his lifetime, sympathy welled up in his heart.

However, it lasted only for a second, because his gaze turned deadly almost immediately.

The man stayed for a little longer before leaving. He ordered the guards posted outside the door to look after her.

"Call me immediately when she wakes up," he ordered.

The two guards nodded in reply.

The man finally left, he was certain that Xinghe would wake up in about one or two days. That was the doctor's professional prognosis.

Who knew Xinghe woke up so fast…

When she recovered her consciousness, she didn't open her eyes instantly but she used her sense to feel out her surroundings. She picked up the unique hospital smell and a lack of human movement around her.

She opened her eyes slowly and she was indeed alone in the room. Xinghe's eyes flashed with triumph; her plan was slowly falling into place!

Her plan was simple but risky, she was to pretend to commit suicide and bet and see whether the man would take her out with a shot or send her to the hospital.

Based on what she knew about the man, she was sure he would not let her die on him. She was right, he did send her to the hospital.

Now that she was at the hospital, she could start her escape plan.

Regarding why she woke up so early when she was supposed to be dying, the answer wasn't perfectly clear. Maybe it was an unintended effect of the memory cell, or her strong determination and will, or perhaps it was her main character's plot armor, pure and simple. Either way, it was not yet time for her to leave the scene. [1]

With that out of the way, Xinghe prepared to escape!

If she managed to get out of there alive, she would let the man know what the price of crossing her was!

Translator's Thoughts
Lonelytree Lonelytree

[1] The original explanation is such an asspull, I cannot in good conscience translate it. In any case, the raw stated that she managed to wake up so early because she hypnotized herself before she committed suicide, and the hynopsis skill was taught by a mysterious gentleman so many years ago... I figured, might as well be frank and make a joke out of it instead.
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