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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 317: Stepped On His Tail

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Chapter 317: Stepped On His Tail

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Unlike Ye Shen, Xinghe really didn't care much about the energy crystal. If telling this man about its location would save her life, she would do it in a heartbeat. The issue was she had no idea where it was either.

The man studied her quietly and said with a smile, "I have to commend you on your acting ability. I can't tell whether you're telling the truth or lying to me."

"If you have suspicion in your heart, every truth I say will sound like a lie," Xinghe answered softly. This struck a chord within the man's heart, however it was not enough to convince him.

"If it's not with you, then I no longer have any use for you!" The man suddenly pulled out a handgun and aimed it at her heart. "I'm going to send you to go accompany your husband."

"Accompany him? He is not worthy!" Xinghe chuckled with derision.

The man thought she would be scared by the gun, but she was still unusually calm. She even had time to correct him.

In the dimly-lit room, the man had a hard time seeing her face but her pair of eyes was glowing brightly.

The man added with hint of regret in his voice, "It is indeed a pity that an incredible woman like yourself was married to a scoundrel like Ye Shen. Alas, now you're dead because of him as well. It's not worth it, don't you agree?"

"It's not worth it." He was surprised she agreed with him.

He was intrigued. "Then, you'd better tell me where the thing is, then you won't need to die for him."

"Haven't we been over this?" Xinghe complained impatiently, "I would have given you the thing if I had it, since the thing is of no value to me anyway."

"The thing is useless to an outsider like yourself…" The man nodded and concurred.

This sentence confirmed Xinghe's suspicion, which was that he had no clue Xia Meng also had a piece of the energy crystal. He only knew about the one in Ye Shen's possession.

From this observation, one could deduce he had no clue about Xia Meng and Ye Shen's fathers, and that they were related to Project Galaxy.

Xinghe groaned inwardly at Ye Shen's stupidity. If the plan was as important as he claimed it was, why would he conduct his investigation in such an open manner that would attract the attention of some mysterious group?

Xinghe was thankful that at least the man didn't know about the previous generation because then he might suspect that Xia Xinghe had one of the energy crystals as well.

If he did, he would come after her family and most likely the entire Xi family as well.

Xinghe had thought about telling him that the energy crystal is with Xi Mubai and by sending him at Mubai, he could trace the assassin back to her, but she didn't dare take the risk.

This man and his team were capable enough to assassinate Ye Shen in jail, and kidnap her without even leaving behind any trace. Mubai might be able to fend for himself, but what about Lin Lin?

Therefore, no matter what, Xinghe couldn't raise his suspicion towards the Xi Family.

Xinghe reached this conclusion in her mind in a matter of seconds.

Of course, this didn't show on her face. Instead she asked the man before her, "Hence, do you think I would use my life to protect a thing that is of no value to me?"

The man gave an evil smile. "Who knows, you might know that, although the thing is of no value to you, it will be of great value to some other people! It could be traded for riches that could last you multiple lifetimes so it is not surprising that you're willing to protect it with your life."

"You are such a contradictory person, confident in your ability and yet paranoiac of everyone and everything."

"What did you say‽" Xinghe's words seemed to have struck a nerve because his eyes turned murderously cold.
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