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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 313: Shadows in the Dark

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Chapter 313: Shadows in the Dark

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Ye Shen was stunned into silence.

"Other than that, haven't you considered the curious coincidence that both of our fathers appeared in City T 30 years ago and disappeared 12 years ago?"


"What you have is a very small piece of the puzzle."

Ye Shen's face drooped.

Xinghe laughed. "Therefore, the truth might not be as what you said. Before finding out all the information, every theory is mere speculation, including yours!"

"No, you're wrong!" Ye Shen's eyes bored into her. "Pops would not lie to me, he has taken the spaceship and left Earth!"

"Let's just assume you're right, could it be that he left for a reason other than the end of the world? A doomsday prophecy is nothing new and maybe he found out some new information to confirm its validity or it was something else completely. However, I believe they did stumble upon something important and I will get to the bottom of it. If you want to know the actual truth, then you have to cooperate with me, so now tell me, where is your energy crystal?"

Ye Shen chuckled darkly. "I will not tell you this no matter what. This is my last bargaining chip, I will give it to you when the end of the world arrives. You want it now? Impossible."

"So uncooperative?" Xinghe smirked. "I don't believe in this doomsday stuff. If you refuse to tell me, then be prepared to stay here forever."

"I don't mind staying in here for a while longer because you will eventually come around. Not to mention, I have in my hands the energy crystal you need," Ye Shen said confidently.

Xinghe stared at him coldly. "Fine, then be prepared to rot in here for the entirety of your life!"

To be perfectly honest, she didn't intend to let him out in the first place. With the trade broken, Xinghe turned to leave. However, she did inform the police to send Ye Shen back to his usual jail cell, and save him from the fate of sharing a cell with sodomites. He did give her some information; she was only being fair.

She really didn't mind waiting for Ye Shen to one day surrender his energy crystal because she didn't really believe in this talk about a doomsday. Also, even if it was true, it was not going to happen anytime soon!

Little did Xinghe know, right after she left, a few mysterious shadows snuck into the jail that kept Ye Shen.

They used a secret pathway that eventually led them to Ye Shen. A weak Ye Shen was lying in his cot, preparing to retire for the night when he heard the steel door to his cell being opened. It was followed by a series of heavy footsteps.

He opened his eyes in alarm but the overall darkness and the fatigue from the earlier interrogation made it so that he could make see a few vague shadows standing beside his bed.

"Who are you people?" Ye Shen frowned and stared at them with trepidation.

"Mr. Ye, I heard you've been searching for a particular thing." A man asked in a low voice. There was no emotion in his words, other than the heavy hint of threat.

Ye Shen had a hard time understanding him and the man continued, "You must have that thing on you as well, where it is?"

"Who the hell are you people?" Ye Shen sat up hurriedly, his whole body tensed. He could smell the danger in the air.

"Our identity is not important," The man answered, "You only need to tell us, where is the thing?"

"What thing?"

"Look like you are unwilling to cooperate." The moment the man finished the sentence, Ye Shen felt a cloth like substance strangling his neck from behind!

Ye Shen widened his eyes in shock and started to struggle, but he was too weak.

The chokehold on his throat tightened and the air was getting thin. Ye Shen's face went from red to purple.
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