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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 312: Like a Joke

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Chapter 312: Like a Joke

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"I swear, I will help you get Xi Empire off your back," Xinghe promised with confidence.

Ye Shen was finally placated. "Anyway, you have to cooperate with me. After all, I don't want to die in here when the end of the world comes."

"If you can live until then, sure, I don't mind cooperating with you. Of course, the premise is that you haven't lied to me."

For some reason, Ye Shen bought everything she said even without evidence. Then again, what other choice did he have? He was at her mercy. He needed her help to get out of there to prepare for the rapture in fifteen years. He might be penniless when he got out, but at least it was better than rotting inside the jail.


He had his own plan.

After Ye Shen got Xinghe's verbal promise, he cooperated and revealed everything he knew.

"That black casket is an energy crystal," he corrected her.

Xinghe was visibly surprised. "What energy crystal?"

Ye Shen smiled smugly for able to break through her defenses. "Energy crystal to power the spaceship. Without it, we wouldn't be able to escape from Earth."

Xinghe narrowed her eyes at him. "What does this have to do with Project Galaxy?"

"You're quite perceptive I have to say, you managed to make the link so soon," Ye Shen sighed weakly. After talking for so long, he was feeling increasingly drained. "I'm not too sure about the particulars of this plan but based from the name itself, I bet the aim of the project is to escape Earth and find another planet to repopulate, don't you agree?"

Xinghe was quiet with contemplation. Is that really the point of Project Galaxy?

"How is it related to our parents?"

Ye Shen sneered at her. "I just praised your intelligence and now you ask a stupid question. Since they've predicted the end of the world, of course, they needed to prepare for it. Project Galaxy is a plan formulated by those people who wanted to escape from Earth."

"Is that so? Then where are those people?" Xinghe rebutted.

"Gone into the galaxy, obviously! Project Galaxy started so long ago so they must have left already. For some reason, they couldn't bring us along with them so they left their progeny with these energy crystals. With these crystals, we'll be able to escape when the end of the world comes."

"Where is the spaceship then? How can we possibly escape with only energy crystals and not a spaceship?"

"I have no idea where it is, but I'm sure someone knows about the information regarding the spaceship, and that would be where you come in." This was Ye Shen's plan.

He smiled obsequiously at Xinghe. "Xia Meng, now the responsibility to secure the remaining energy crystals and spaceship will fall into your hands. Of course, if I'm not stuck in here and you find yourself with nothing to go on, maybe I can help shoulder the burden."

That was a major hint. If she wanted his aid, then she had to let him go.

"What else do you know?" Xinghe pressed.

"That's all," Ye Shen said openly. He laughed. "It's fine if you don't believe me, just consider everything I said a joke then."

"It does sound like a huge joke!"

Doomsday prophecy? Spaceship? It is simply too preposterous!

"You're right, it is a joke." Ye Shen guffawed. After all, he didn't expect her to believe him from the very beginning. Plus this was a matter of statistics, the more the people who believed him, the smaller the chance for him to get on the spaceship.

Xinghe stood up and challenged him, "Ye Shen, haven't you considered plot holes like, could a group of people from the previous generation not only correctly predicted the end of the world but also created two spaceships, one for them to get away in and another for their future descendants to use decades later?"
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