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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 310: Finally Agreed to Meet Him

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Chapter 310: Finally Agreed to Meet Him

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Mubai resolved everything within five minutes. Xinghe hadn't expected him to be so harsh and borderline predatory. Then again, he wouldn't have achieved his professional standing by being nice and kind to everyone.

"Those people will not disturb you ever again," Mubai told her kindly as he walked in.

He was a complete different character to the one outside.

Xinghe nodded. "Thank you but you really shouldn't have done it. I could have handled it just fine, so while I appreciate your help, I assure you can I take care of the rest."

Mubai smiled and raised his arms in mock surrender. "Alright, I'll leave everything else to you. I will not be a busybody anymore."

He was glad he could at least chase away the reporters and the Ye women for her.

Of course, he wanted to help her settle everything but he knew doing that would only anger Xinghe. She didn't want to rely on anyone, she had made that very clear.

Furthermore, it might be best for Xinghe to interrogate Ye Shen because she would know what questions to ask.

Ye Shen couldn't stand the torture anymore and agreed to the confession. He preferred jail time to continuing the humiliation they had prepared for him.

He gritted his teeth and suffered through everything they threw at him and they finally broke him when they arranged for him to share a cell with a group of inmates that bent a particular way.

For a man like Ye Shen, who spent his entire adult life as a player, he would rather die than to end up someone's bottom b*tch. Masculinity is so fragile sometimes.

Ye Shen promised he would reveal everything as long as he could be saved from playing 'pick up the soap' with the boys.

After Xinghe heard that, she finally agreed to meet him.

Ye Shen was brought to a high-security interrogation room. Soon after he was led there, the door opened to reveal Xinghe who slowly walked in.

Ye Shen leaned against the chair weakly as he raised his eyes to look at her. There was a plethora of emotions in his eyes. There was the expected hatred but also desolateness. Previously, he was the tormentor but now the table had turned and he was the tormented.

Ye Shen really didn't expect the woman he'd once slapped around whenever he felt like it could plan a scheme so carefully to trap him. It was like she was a new woman. She could even pin something like an online heist on him, she was truly impressive!

In other words, if not for her, he wouldn't have ended up that way.

Therefore, when he saw her walk in, Ye Shen charged at the partition that separated the both of them with all his force. The screen shook violently.

"Xia Meng, you b*tch, tell them what you did and get me absolved of my crimes! You framed me! I will never forgive you, you b*tch!"

Xinghe slowed in her steps and stared at him unblinkingly. "If that is all you want to say to men, then I guess I will be leaving."

Then, she turned to leave.

"No—" Ye Shen begged anxiously, "Xia Meng, please wait, I didn't mean it, I don't know what came over me. I didn't mean what I said, please don't go, please!"

It was back to the boys if she left and the prospect of it squeezed his shaking heart. He didn't want to lose his other virginity.

Right then, Ye Shen realized he'd totally lost. The only choice he had was to cooperate with Xinghe…

Xinghe turned back, satisfied with what she'd heard.

She sat down in the chair and ordered slowly, "Come and sit, because I have a lot of questions for you. Answer them well and you might even get a reward."

"A reward?" Ye Shen asked hastily like a servant eager to please his master. "What kind of reward?"
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