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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 305: Teasing Her In Front of Him

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Chapter 305: Teasing Her In Front of Him

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The moment Ye Shen signed his name, a guard stepped forward to take away the divorce papers.

He studied them closely before passing them to Xinghe, adding, "Miss Xia, everything's there."

Xinghe accepted and took a quick look at it before telling Ye Shen, "From this second onwards, remember that you, Ye Shen, and I, Xia Meng, no longer have any relationship between us."

"But of course," Ye Shen said happily, "However, we did once share a bed together, so feel free to come to me for help should you need it. Of course, I wish the best between you and Xi Mubai. Who knows, you might be able to fool him into marrying you. Hahaha…"

The mockery in Ye Shen's words couldn't have been clearer. Of course, Xinghe could read between the lines.

Looking at Ye Shen's smug face, Xinghe reminded him softly, "Similarly, come find me if you need any help."

"You'll still welcome me?" Ye Shen asked in earnest shock.

Xinghe nodded. "Of course, my doors are always open."

"Sure, sure, I will come find you if I need help!" Ye Shen put away all the things and left with a giant smile plastered on his face.

However, he turned back after several steps to say, "Actually, Xia Meng, to tell you the truth, I'm incredibly into the new you. If you'd acted like this and cooperated since the very beginning, we wouldn't have ended up as a divorced couple. But, no matter, I don't mind saying I still have some residual feelings towards you. So, if you feel like it, come find me because I don't mind helping you scratch that itch… if you catch my drift."

His gaze lingered salaciously on Xinghe's body.

For better or for worse, his interest on this new side of his ex-wife was piqued. Subjugating such a proud b*tch in bed must be a challenging yet joyful exercise.

"Xia Meng, why you didn't show this side of yours sooner, we could have prevented so many troubles," Ye Shen teased her lecherously.

Xinghe gloomily glared at him.

"Then you would have died sooner as well."

Ye Shen didn't understand what she meant, but it didn't matter anymore. He shrugged and left while laughing. Even after he'd left the villa's grounds, Xinghe could still hear his elated laughs.

Mubai came out of one of the rooms radiating a frosty aura.

He grabbed the divorce papers out of Xinghe's hands and shoved them at the guard. He ordered with killing intent, "Get this settled immediately!"


The guard quickly moved to oblige.

However, the frosty aura surrounded Mubai didn't dissipate. He told Xinghe, "Leave the rest to me. Save yourself the trouble of needing to face that human trash."

Yes, Ye Shen was to him a trash that he couldn't wait to recycle. How dare he tease Xinghe in front of him again and again‽ Mubai would bury Ye Shen alive.

Xinghe nodded. "Then I will leave this in your hands to follow up and I will wait for him to come find me."

Mubai's smile was chilling like a vampire out for blood. "Don't worry, I will make sure he crawls back here to you."

Then, he would help Xinghe slaughter him like the animal that he was!

Ye Shen didn't know a serious case of bad luck was coming his way. In fact, he thought he had stumbled onto an unexpected fortune.

After all, he finally managed to get the black casket from Xia Meng and, not only that, swindled three hundred million from the b*tch!

With that money, Ye Corps could survive this crisis and might even expand in the future.

With Xia Meng's begrudging aid, his future was as bright as it could be. Ye Shen's blood boiled with excitement as he stepped into the world that he felt, at that moment, was under his feet!
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