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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 303: Overfed

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Chapter 303: Overfed

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He almost ran out to snap Ye Shen's neck when he mentioned having kids with Xinghe!

Although his words were directed at Xia Meng, Mubai still felt it was an unforgivable violation!

Xinghe nodded slightly, signaling her agreement. Ye Shen was courting death.

If not for the fact that she still needed information from Ye Shen, she would have crushed him already. He still had his uses, so she kept him around for a while longer.

"What do you plan to do?" Mubai sat down opposite her and asked.

"What else can I go? Of course I'm going to satisfy his demands," Xinghe said with a wicked smile.

Of course, Mubai wasn't naïve enough to take her words at face value.

He raised his brow slightly and teased, "And what exactly do you mean by that?"

Xinghe smiled and replied, "I'm going to give him more than he bargained for!"

Xinghe didn't agree to Ye Shen's conditions immediately but dragged it out for a few days. She waited until Ye Shen came to her because his company was at the brink of bankruptcy.

However, she didn't agree so easily either.

"Five hundred million is too large a sum of money to ask for out of nowhere even though my father once helped the Xi family. They could only give me three hundred million, take it or leave it," Xinghe told Ye Shen with a serious countenance.

Ye Shen was indeed furious his five hundred million became only three, but he desperately needed money then and three was still greater than zero. Furthermore, the thing he really wanted was the thing in Xia Meng's possession, the three hundred million was an added bonus.

"Fine, give me everything, not one cent less!" Ye Shen hissed through clenched teeth, still upset over the missing two hundred million.

"Then sign these now!" Xinghe dropped the divorce papers on the table. She had already given the documents to the real Xia Meng to sign her parts earlier.

Ye Shen didn't even look at the papers. He stared her and laughed impishly. "I will do that after you hand over the money and stuff."

Xinghe nodded with ease. "Sure, but I have a question for you. You have to answer it truthfully or I will give you nothing. I don't mind stalling you as long as I may live! After all, with so much money, I can disappear to any corner of the world and buy myself a new identity. You'll be unable to touch me."

Ye Shen's face fell. Xinghe was right, she had the upper hand in this trade. He just didn't expect she would be clever enough to realize that. If not for the fact that his company was facing bankruptcy, he would not allow the b*tch to treat him this way!

However, to not provoke her, he pushed up a smile and said, "Ask away. I will answer you if I can."

Xinghe gave a nearby bodyguard a nonverbal signal and the guard moved forward to hand her a box.

Inside the box was a black rectangular casket. Ye Shen's eyes were practically glowing when he saw the thing.

Xinghe leveled him an icy gaze and questioned, "What is this thing and why have you worked so hard to get it?"

Ye Shen averted his eyes temporarily before replying with a smile, "It is nothing important, it's pretty much a piece of garbage to you. But, it just so happens to be of slight value to me."

"Why is it valuable to you?"

"That has nothing to do with you, right?"

"Fine, guard, keep this and escort him out! Ye Shen, you are getting nothing from me!" Xinghe ordered calmly as the guard moved towards Ye Shen.

Ye Shen knew he was cornered.

I have to reveal something, he warned himself, but certainly not everything.
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