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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 300: 2,000,000 For A Divorce

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Chapter 300: 2,000,000 For A Divorce

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"Xia Meng, stop right there—" Mrs. Ye tried to pull her back but was blocked by the guards.

"No one is allowed entry without Miss Xia's permission!" The guard announced as he glared at them.

"I'm her mother-in-law, how dare you block my way‽" Mrs. Ye retorted angrily.

The guard sneered. "Do you pay our salary? No? Then, get out!"

"You…" Mrs. Ye was beside her with anger and Ye Qin was swearing at the top of her lungs.

However, no matter what they did, the guards didn't let them in.

"Mom, Xia Meng, that b*tch is too much. We'll refuse to let her get a divorce and we'll see what she dares to do to us!" Ye Qin groused angrily but internally she was overwhelmed with envy.

Envy that Xia Meng not only knew Xi Mubai but was given such a good treatment. This villa, the guards, if they didn't come from Mubai, who else could they be from?

Mrs. Ye was of the same opinion as her daughter. She wouldn't cave in so easily and hand the divorce over to Xia Meng because the girl belonged to her son and, by extension, his family. Even if Xia Meng died, she would have to be a Ye family ghost!

However, it was true that Ye Corps was facing bankruptcy…

She stole a look at the divorce papers on the floor and ordered Ye Qin through gritted teeth, "Pick that up; let's go!"

"Huh?" Ye Qin complained, "But why?"

The paper had her spit on it… It was disgusting.

"Do you want to live on the street?"

"…" Ye Qin brooded over it but eventually picked up the disgusting document. After all, bankruptcy was a lot scarier than her own spit.

Mrs. Ye and Ye Qin arrived with the intention to school Xia Meng but ended up leaving after being taught a lesson themselves.

They were still nursing the anger within them when they got home where Ye Shen was waiting.

He quickly ran forward to ask what happened when he saw them walking through the front door. "Mom, how did it go? Did you manage to talk some sense into Xia Meng?"

Ye Shen was hoping his mother would've been able to shred the b*tch on his behalf for trampling all over him.

"Don't remind me, the b*tch refuses to listen to my kind advice." Mrs. Ye sat herself down on the sofa, still fuming, "Son, she really thinks she is something else now with Xi Mubai behind her back! She showed me zero respect!"

"Then what shall we do?" Ye Shen frowned in agitation. "The company is coming down. If she refuses to help then it's over for us!"

"Brother, Xia Meng said, if you're willing to divorce her, then she might help us." Ye Qin tossed him the divorce papers.

Ye Shen was startled and quickly flipped through it. He realized there was a clause in the papers stating that, after the divorce, she would pay him 2,000,000 RMB as compensation.

Ye Shen didn't read through the papers before tearing it up last time so he missed this particular clause.

"Brother, what exactly is the relationship between Xia Meng and Xi Mubai? To think he is willing to take out 2,000,000 RMB to buy her divorce. This is too peculiar," Ye Qin said with burning jealousy.

Ye Shen shook his head. "I have no idea. I had my men research their relationship but they came up with nothing."

"Could it be that the two of them really fell in love?" Ye Qin shook her head vehemently after saying it, "Impossible! No man will fall for a cripple like her, much less one of Xi Mubai's caliber!"

Ye Shen thought the same way. In their eyes, Xia Meng was a faulty product, no man other than Ye Shen would be kind enough to accept such a reject.

Therefore, there must be another layer to their relationship…

Suddenly, a possibility came into Ye Shen's mind.

Ye Shen sold the thing she has to Xi Mubai‽ But that thing is useless to outsiders. Its usage is a well-kept secret. Xi Mubai is not one of us or I would have known.

However, this seemed to be the only valid reason to explain why Xi Mubai was so willing to lend his aid to Xia Meng.

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