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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 295: He Has the Thing as Well

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Chapter 295: He Has the Thing as Well

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"Xi Mubai, you are not the master of my life. Plus, my decision has been made; I need this thing in Xia Meng's possession," Xinghe told him. She was not asking for his permission; she was only informing him out of courtesy.

Mubai stared at her for a while before sighing. "Sometimes, I wish you could be a little more… fragile, and not try to take on the whole world on your own."

Also, if she were a little more fragile, she might need to rely on me a little more.

"I still need your aid." Xinghe held his gaze. "In my current situation, I do need to depend on your help."

Mubai smiled happily like a child who was given a sweet treat.

"Okay, I will respect your decision, but you have to promise me to let me take care of your safety." A small compromise from Xinghe had managed to turn his downturned frown upside down.

The corners of Xinghe's eyes quivered and she nodded. "Thank you."

"You don't need to thank me, really." Mubai uttered with utmost seriousness before starting the engine with a smile.

After they returned to Xi Family's old mansion, Xinghe also managed to convince Xia Meng.

She promised Xia Meng, she would help her get a divorce from Ye Shen and distance herself from the Ye Family. After the memory was returned to their original owner, Xinghe would also help her set up a new life and ensure she could live a carefree life for as long as she may live.

Even with such good conditions, Xia Meng was still initially hesitant to agree to the trade but one sentence by Xinghe finally changed her mind.

"Keeping the thing will only bring you more trouble."

This was like a wake-up call for Xia Meng. When she thought about it, it was indeed the thing that started her spiral down into a life of misfortune…

"Fine, I promise you but you have to tell me, what is Project Galaxy?" Xia Meng asked curiously, thinking Xinghe already know everything.

When Xia Meng heard Xinghe's name from Lu Qi, she suspected she had something to do with it. The name was too much of a giveaway…

Xinghe was curious as well. If this girl doesn't know what Project Galaxy is, why does she hang on the thing like her life depends on it?

"Your father didn't tell you anything before he left?" Xinghe posed her own question.

Xia Meng was deep in thought as she answered, "The only thing he said was with this thing, I will eventually find him, but I have no idea how to use it."

Xinghe's eyes shook slightly. This was very much similar to what her mother told her…

Therefore, her suspicion was confirmed, with the thing in hand, she could one day see her in person.

"How did Ye Shen know you have such a thing in your possession?" Xinghe followed up.

Xia Meng shook her head. "I have no clue, we didn't know each other before he approached me."

Xinghe lowered her head in thought and when she lifted her eyes, she had already reached a conclusion, "He has the same thing with him as well."

Xia Meng was shocked!

"You mean, he has this thing too? He knows about Project Galaxy‽" Xia Meng gasped in surprise.

Xinghe nodded. "Most likely, it's the most logical conclusion. Furthermore, I believe he has more information on this Project Galaxy than us or else he wouldn't have found you."

Xia Meng's eyes flashed with hatred with the mention of Ye Shen. "You have to get the thing away from him! If you foil his plan, I will gladly hand the thing I have over to you!"

"Naturally, so do not forget your promise."

Just like this, Xinghe and Xia Meng entered a contractual relationship.

Xinghe started planning how to get the thing from Ye Shen and how to get more information on Project Galaxy.
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