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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 294: One Month Limit

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Chapter 294: One Month Limit

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Both Lu Qi and Mubai were surprised by her promise.

Lu Qi's face lit up immediately. "I swear on my life, I will change you back!"

"Remove the memory cell now!" Mubai said suddenly.

He couldn't wait any longer. He wanted Xinghe to return to her old self immediately.

Alas, he wasn't the one who made the decision in this relationship. "No way." Xinghe vetoed his decision without even giving it a thought. "I will not risk my old memories."

Every single one of her memories were important to her. They shaped who she was as a character. If she lost even one of them, it would make her feel like a part of her was missing. She didn't like the idea of being incomplete.

"But what if the memory cell research is stuck and can't be finished?" Mubai asked with concern, "You're going to stay like this forever?"

"Of course not, if there is no progress in the next month then we will opt for the other method," Xinghe said as she looked at Mubai. He saw the steeled determination in her eyes. She was serious and no one was going to change her mind.

Mubai nodded silently. "Fine, we'll set the limit for one month."

After all, he didn't want to harm Xinghe's memory either…

He understood her point of view, she was afraid the memory loss might affect her.

"I will try my best within this one month!" Lu Qi promised.

"Tell me if you need anything," Mubai told him begrudgingly. Even though he was still furious at Lu Qi but for Xinghe's sake, he was willing to lend his aid.

Lu Qi nodded. "Then, I will take you up on your offer, Mubai. You have to understand that this is important research. We're lacking in great minds, especially in this new age of ours, but if we can preserve their memory, it will be instrumental to the advancement of mankind…"

"That has nothing to do with me!" Mubai declared coldly before walking out of the lab.

He didn't care about the betterment of humanity… all he ever wanted was for Xinghe to return to her old self safe and sound!

After Xinghe and Mubai got into his car, he didn't start the engine immediately. Instead he asked, "Do you mind if I smoke?"

"I don't mind."

Mubai lit a cigarette and the car was instantly filled with the smell of cigarette smoke but it was quickly cleaned by the internal air purifier.

Xinghe had no idea what was on Mubai's mind and she wasn't really that interested to find out so they sat in each other's company quietly.

After Mubai finished his cigarette, he told her softly, "Stay away from the Ye Family for now, I will help you find a place to live and have people watch over you. After Lu Qi finishes his research, we will switch back the memory immediately."

This was indeed the safest arrangement, but Xinghe had other plans in mind…

"I'm going to make a trade with Xia Meng, a divorce from Ye Shen for the things in her possession."

"No way!" Mubai rejected her plan immediately. "You cannot have any more interaction with that Ye Shen guy, I will figure out a way to get that thing from Xia Meng."

"What way?" Xinghe pressed. "Even faced with Ye Shen's threat of murder, she refused to give the thing to him. What other brilliant idea do you have in mind that could make Xia Meng surrender the things?"

"No matter what, you are not to have further interactions with the Ye Family people," Mubai said firmly.

Even though the woman beside him was not really Xinghe but he still couldn't bear the thought of her interacting with Ye Shen.

Even though it was just Xinghe's memory, he refused to let another man meddle in their affairs.
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