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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 291: Last Two Questions For You

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Chapter 291: Last Two Questions For You

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"There's nothing else," Xia Meng answered.

Xinghe narrowed her eyes at her. "Are you sure?"

"Of course…" Xia Meng shook her head for emphasis but she felt Xinghe had seen through her.

Xinghe didn't continue this line of questioning, instead she questioned, "Then, how come I have a sneaking feeling the memory cell is not what Ye Shen wants?"

Xia Meng's expression froze.

"Ye Shen has absolutely no clue about the memory cells. What he wants from you is something else completely, something more important than the memory cell technology!" This time, there was vehemence behind Xinghe's words.

Xia Meng's face paled and her hands were sweating from nervousness.

However, she bit her tongue and didn't say a word…

Xinghe witnessed this and decided not to press her anymore. She said softly, "I have two last questions for you."


"Was it your initial intention to completely wipe out my original memory?"

Xia Meng looked at her like she was staring at a demon. How could she possibly know about this‽ This is impossible!

Xinghe was only hedging her bet because she did dream about her own death. Therefore, it was a logical assumption to make that Xia Meng initially wanted her to believe she has died.

Now, witnessing Xia Meng's reaction, she was certain Xia Meng's original plan was not to trade their memories but to wipe out hers completely.

After all, her secret would only really be safe after Xinghe's consciousness was deleted.

Trading memories was only buying her more time until Xinghe came knocking on her door, demanding an explanation.

In conclusion, Xia Meng wanted to completely obliterate Xinghe's memory in the beginning but, for various reasons, that plan was derailed…

After confirming this conspiracy against her, the air around Xinghe froze.

However, she didn't blow up, if anything, her tone got chillier when she continued, "Second question, have you heard of Project Galaxy?"

Xia Meng's already wide eyes opened even further.

Even without her verbal confirmation, Xinghe had verified everything she needed.

"Xia Meng," Xinghe called her name softly, her voice seemed to come from another dimension, "I wish you to stay put because this is your only way out. Consider yourself lucky for choosing to cooperate early on, or you would have hell to pay for what you did to me! Be obedient and we'll keep you alive. Remember everything I said - because I'm a woman of my word."

Before Xia Meng could recover from her shock, Xinghe had already left. Mubai followed closely behind and ordered his guards to watch over Xia Meng.

After they'd walked a certain distance away, Mubai asked hurriedly, "What is this Project Galaxy and what is its connection to you?"

The name of Project Galaxy was too much of a giveaway. It was hard to believe it had nothing to do with Xinghe; in fact, it gave the feeling that it had everything to do with Xinghe…

Xinghe shook her head. "I have no idea what is it."

"You have no idea? Then how would you know of its existence?" Mubai frowned.

"I heard it from someone else, the actual content of the project eludes me as well. But I do know the people that are connected to this project."

"Who?" Mubai asked seriously.

Xinghe stared at him, gauging the options in her mind.

She did trust him but she was hesitant about revealing everything to him. After all, this was her trouble to deal with and it might be dangerous; she didn't want to rope him into it.
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