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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 287: Steal a Few Days

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Chapter 287: Steal a Few Days

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Xia Meng finally understood what Xinghe meant.

The two of them were wildly different. Even after their bodies were swapped, Xia Meng would never be her.

Xinghe would shine no matter what, she didn't need to rely on her face to prove herself.

This showed that beauty truly is skin deep.

Xia Meng couldn't help but laugh at her own stupidity as she lamented, "So the skin is really nothing more than a shell."

Xinghe blinked and asked, "You swapped your body with mine because you hated your own?"

Xia Meng was astonished because she didn't expect Xinghe's words to be so incisive. She saw into her heart easily.

"You are really impressive, and my intuition was right. From the moment I saw you, I knew you are an incredible woman," Xia Meng looked at her and said, "From then on, I started to envy you. After I did some more research on you, I suppose you could say that my envy consumed me."

"Envy me?" Xinghe smiled in spite of herself, "For what‽"

Xinghe didn't think she had anything worth envying. She was a divorcee, lost both of her parents, and had suffered years of hardship. What is worth envying about that? This Xia Meng must be batshit crazy!

Xia Meng was surprisingly agitated. "You don't understand! From your own point of view, you might think you're just a common woman, but you have to understand that I am more common and worse than you in every way. I envy your courage to climb out of every pitfall and envy your power to change your destiny, I envy your life because it is everything I have ever wanted for myself!"

"So, you decided to profit off other people's hard work?" Xinghe asked pointedly.

Her every sentence was short but straight to the point.

Guilt and self-accusation slammed down hard on Xia Meng. "Not fully… just for a few days, I didn't intend to fully occupy your life."

"What about the people around me? You intended to lie to them as well?" Xinghe added.

Mubai, who stood behind her, frowned. He was already angry enough that this Xia Meng had stolen Xinghe's body but she also tried to abuse his affection for Xinghe, trying to claim it for her own.

This was a massive betrayal, he would punish her but he ultimately couldn't bring himself to do it because she was in Xinghe's body…

Xia Meng snuck a look at Mubai and admitted with a defeated sigh, "That was really not my intention to begin with. I just want to experience a few days of love, to know what it is like to be cherished. I know this is wrong but I'm too weak to stem my desire. You have no idea what my life was like because if you do, you would know why that desire was so strong. Anyone's life is better than mine. As long as I'm someone other than myself, I'm happy, because I'm tired of myself…"

Xinghe hadn't realized Xia Meng's self-condemnation went so deep. This was already a veritable mental illness, not something that could be cured over a day. Regardless, Xinghe had no intention to stick her fingers into other people's business. She was not a charitable therapist compelled by a desire to heal the world.

"Speak, what kind of method did you use to swap our bodies?" she questioned coldly, not one shred of pity for Xia Meng.

Xia Meng thought she could at least move Xinghe with her story since she was a fellow woman.
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