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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 286: You Will Never Become Me

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Chapter 286: You Will Never Become Me

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She didn't expect things to go sour so soon, not giving her any time to mentally prepare herself.

She wasn't even given the chance to enjoy a few stolen days of happiness…

Then again, maybe this wasn't too bad, at least she wouldn't have to live in constant fear of being found out anymore.

Xia Meng calmed down quickly, took a look at the both of them and decided not to speak a word.

Xinghe's incisive gaze scanned Xia Meng and her lips eventually parted to say, "Aren't you going to explain yourself? Why did we exchange bodies?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about…"

To deny was Xia Meng's go-to response.

Xinghe smirked. "You're still playing dumb at a time like this? Come clean or I'm going to kill you!"

Xia Meng was shocked. Kill me?

Xinghe took a powerful step forward and her eyes were burning with revenge. "I don't mind abandoning my old body, after all it is only a shell, I can live on in this body of yours just fine. But I will make sure you'll forever be asleep, never to wake up!"

"There are indeed many ways to achieve that," Mubai added coldly.

Xia Meng didn't expect them to be so cruel… But she was the one in the wrong.

They could shut down her consciousness, and she knew, with their talents and resources, eventually they would find a way to switch the bodies back. By then, perhaps her consciousness would have been swallowed by darkness.

To be fair, Xia Meng didn't intend to make things difficult for them. She was so browbeaten by Ye Shen's tyranny that denial was her first response.

She actually felt relieved because it was no longer necessary for her to conceal the truth.

"How did the two of you discover the truth so fast?" She asked as she stared at Xinghe, "I thought some time would have to pass before someone would believe something as preposterous as this."

In the end, the whole charade was up in just one night.

This event that bordered on sci-fi was not only readily accepted by Xinghe but also by Mubai as well. This shocked Xia Meng the most.

Xinghe answered coldly, "Your biggest give-away is you'll never be me."

Xia Meng was bewildered. "I don't understand, I haven't even done anything yet…"

"That's the point, I wouldn't have done nothing and allowed myself to be locked up in this room like a prisoner," Xinghe answered slowly. Her eyes were shining with confidence. Her indomitable spirit lit up Xia Meng's common-looking face.

Xia Meng stared at her as if hypnotized, she hadn't seen herself so… beautiful before.

However, she understood it was not because her original face had changed but, as they say, confidence truly is beauty.

In her old life, whenever she looked at herself in the mirror, she would see an ugly, tortured woman.

After her body was crippled, she hated the sight of herself even more.

She hated every inch of her body, and her greatest wish was to swap bodies with a more powerful, stronger woman.

But now, she realized her old self wasn't really as awful as she'd thought…

From the moment Xinghe walked in, she realized even with a limping gait, she carried herself with grace and confidence, unlike her old self which crawled around the house in embarrassment. People looked down on her and she internalized it, which was why she preferred the wheelchair.

She didn't see any redeeming qualities in her old body, but now, she couldn't help but realize it could be quite beautiful…

A change of mind could cause such a drastic change in appearance? Even Xia Meng herself was impressed by the newfound beauty of her old self.

But if that was the case, perhaps she shouldn't have committed suicide…
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