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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 281: Xi Mubai Is Here

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Chapter 281: Xi Mubai Is Here

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Her nervousness infected even Mrs. Ye.

Xi Mubai's sudden arrival brought great cheer to the house like a surprise present from the heavens above.

"Quick, bring me to welcome him! Give the Young Master a call, tell him to come home immediately, tell him CEO Xi is looking for him," Mrs. Ye said excitedly.

Ye Qin ran forward to loop her hand into her mother's arm. "Mom, I'll follow you."

The guard pulled out his phone ready to give Ye Shen a call but was quick to realize the anomaly.

He told Mrs. Ye hesitantly, "Madam… CEO Xi said he wants to meet Young Mistress and not Young Master."

"What?" Both Mrs. Ye and her daughter replied in confusion.

When the guard first came in to make the report, they were too excited by Mubai's name to pay attention to the rest.

Naturally, they assumed he was here on business to meet Ye Shen, not his wife!

Ye Shen turned to glare at Xinghe with contempt and envy. "He wants to meet her? Why?"

Mrs. Ye was still in disbelief. "Did you mishear? Is CEO Xi really not here to meet my Ye Shen but her?"

The guard answered calmly, "I have no idea but that's what CEO Xi said. He's here to meet Young Mistress Xia."

"He has no business meeting her; you must have misheard him!" Mrs. Ye argued vehemently.

Ye Qin nodded. "Indeed, you must have misheard him. Xia Meng is less than human garbage and thus, surely has no connection to someone as important as CEO Xi. How could he be here to meet her? Mom, let's go meet him and ask personally, he must be here to meet my brother, trust me."

Mrs. Ye nodded and led Ye Qin towards the front door.

Xinghe's inner turmoil wasn't visible on her calm countenance.

Xi Mubai is here… The short online contact managed to raise his suspicions? Good, cause I was going to go find him anyway.

Xinghe followed behind the rest. They were too busy focusing on welcoming Mubai that they practically forgot about her.

Mrs. Ye and Ye Qin arrived at the gate soon. A luxurious black limo was parked outside the gate and Mubai was sitting in the back with his window down.

Behind his limo, there were two other vehicles for his bodyguards. The bodyguards stood outside the car door, each one of them sharp and impressive.

Mrs. Ye and Ye Qin's hearts fluttered witnessing this parade. Especially Ye Qin, her gaze was automatically directed to Mubai's perfect features.

She stared at him without blinking, her saliva almost dribbling out of her mouth.

"CEO Xi, we're sorry because we're unable to provide a more presentable welcoming ceremony due to your sudden visit," Mrs. Ye said with utmost respect, "I'm sure you're here to visit my Ye Shen. He just left for work a few hours ago, but I'm sure he will be home soon. Why don't you join us in the house and we shall wait for him over tea?"

Mubai didn't spot Xia Meng so he replied in a chilling tone, "I'm sorry but I'm not here for Mr. Ye. Is Miss Xia home?"

The smile froze from Mrs. Ye's face. Even Ye Qin was pulled out of her reverie. They snuck a look at each other as their mood fell to the floor.

Xi Mubai is really here to meet that cripple! But how is that possible?

Mrs. Ye forced a smile and asked, "You're not here to meet Ye Shen… but his wife?"

She added emphasis to the latter part of her question, insinuating that it was highly inappropriate for Mubai to have a visit with someone else's wife.

Mubai's eyes darkened and repeated as if he couldn't pick up her hidden accusation. "I have something to discuss with Miss Xia, please get her out here."

"She is not home!" Ye Qin added suddenly.

"Who said I'm not home?" Xinghe's calm voice drifted from behind.

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