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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 273: A Conspiracy and a Dream

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Chapter 273: A Conspiracy and a Dream

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If one had to sum up Xia Meng's life with a single word, it was misery.

When she was 13, her father disappeared, leaving Xia Meng and her mother to fend for themselves. A single mother with a young, teenage girl, life was not kind towards them.

Regrettably, things didn't take a turn for the better; her mother passed away in a car accident soon after.

She'd lost both her parents before she'd even reached the legal drinking age. Before she met Ye Shen, she depended on her relatives' kindness to survive and those instances of kindness were few and far between.

She was given a temporary reprieve when she met Ye Shen in university. He pursued her with full force and treated her like she was the queen of his world.

Xia Meng thought her luck was going to change then. She believed in Ye Shen's love for her.

She thought she could rely on him for support when he proposed.

Alas, how wrong she was!

The only reason Ye Shen married her was to con out of her hands the things left behind by her father.

Initially, Xia Meng had no idea this was his plan all along because he gently persuaded her to lend them to him because he had never seen them before and he was interested.

She kept on rejecting him. Eventually, he lost his patience and his methods became harsher.

When he laid his hands on her for the first time, she finally realized it was all a conspiracy!

Ye Shen was never in love with her. After the façade was dropped, his disdain towards her was revealed. In fact, the whole Ye Family looked down on her.

When she found out the truth, Xia Meng had something akin to a mental breakdown but that only hardened her resolve. This lead to more abuse at Ye Shen's hands.

Ye Shen stopped treating her like his wife. He would abuse her whenever he felt like it, she was more like a sandbag than an actual person.

Ye Shen, as the man of the house, set an example for the rest.

Domestic abuse, verbal abuse, and emotional torture… these were daily happenings for Xia Meng.

One late night, about half a year ago, Ye Shen came home drunk. When Xia Meng once again refused to hand him the things, he almost beat her to death.

Xia Meng's leg injury happened then.

Ye Shen cracked her left knee and, while she was screaming in pain, trampled all over it. He laughed over her cries of pain and sorrow. Even though the bones eventually healed, she became a cripple.

Suicidal thoughts came to her then. She saw no future for herself. Ye Shen would not give her a divorce if she didn't hand the things he wanted over to him. However, she would rather die than do that.

In the end, that was the choice she made. After another day of severe domestic abuse, she gulped down a handful of pills to try to die from an overdose.

Of course, she failed. However, this did bring about an interesting development because the consciousness that eventually awakened in Xia Meng's body was Xia Xinghe!

But why?

Xinghe read the whole diary from front to back again to find an answer but she got nothing.

The only things of importance were the items that Xia Meng's father left her, the things Ye Shen were eyeing.

Xinghe had a feeling more pieces of the puzzle would be revealed when she found out what those things were.

Xinghe started searching up and down the room again. She even scanned through Xia Meng's computer, to no avail.

Out of options, she used the human flesh search engine 1 on this person, Xia Meng.

To her surprise, Xia Meng's father arrived at City T about 30 years ago. After a few years of courtship, he married Xia Meng's mother. 18 years later, he once again disappeared, leaving nary a trace.

When she saw this information, Xinghe's world was shaken.
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