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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 272: Name Your Conditions for a Divorce

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Chapter 272: Name Your Conditions for a Divorce

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Xinghe gave the couple an uninterested side-eye, and continued walking without any regard for them at all.

However, the moment she took her first step, she felt a strong tug on her arm. She stumbled backwards for a bit. If not for Xinghe's innate sense of balance, she would have fallen to the floor.

Xinghe raised her eyes slightly to look at Ye Shen. The eyes that studied this man, who was supposed to be her husband, were emotionless.

The unimpressive looking man malevolently ordered, "Do you not understand human speech? I don't care if you have to crawl back to the house to beg mother for forgiveness, get your ass in there and sit quietly!"

"Miss Xia, Shen Shen ordered you to crawl back in there, did you not hear him?" the vixen repeated Ye Shen's words with evil glee.

Ye Shen's face didn't even twitch with pity seeing his mistress talk to his wife that way.

Xinghe couldn't help but feel sorry for Xia Meng.

However, since she was now the new host of this life, Xinghe was not going to take all this nonsense lying down.

"Name your price for a divorce," she told Ye Shen coldly.

Ye Shen scoffed. "You b*tch, you dare to bring up divorce again! You never learn, do you‽"

He raised his arm and went at Xinghe with a slap—

Xinghe narrowed her eyes instantly. "You better think twice about what you're doing because one wrong step and I'm going to make you regret it for the rest of your life!"

Ye Shen's arm, for some reason, stopped in mid-air.

He was stunned by the sudden commanding aura that arose from Xinghe.

However, the feeling quickly passed. Angered by Xinghe's resistance, the slap went down hard on Xia Meng's face and, before Xinghe could collect herself, she felt a hand grab her chin that pulled her face into Ye Shen's ugly mug. "Not bad, you grew some courage after your suicide attempt. However, Xia Meng, you should know better than to challenge me. How come you can never learn this lesson?"

Xinghe was unfazed and glared sharply at him as if branding him for death. After some time to percolate her thoughts, she said, "Like I said earlier, what do you want? If I can give it to you, I will. I'm sure you're unwilling to keep a wife like myself anyway. So, name your price."

Ye Shen was startled… He realized his wife was being serious.

Previously, when she begged for divorce, she wouldn't have thought to try for a trade. This change was fairly big.

Ye Shen laughed meaningfully. "Do you really have to ask what do I want? I want everything your father left to you."

Everything Xia Meng's father left for her? What did he leave her?

"Give me some time," Xinghe pushed his hand away. "And before then, no one is allowed to disturb and influence my thoughts."

"You're willing to part with them?" Ye Shen was once again startled.

Xia Meng usually treated those things like treasures. He had tried both the easy way and the hard way, but she always refused to hand them over to him. So why the sudden change in character?

"Yes, I'm willing to part with them, but like I said, I need time," Xinghe replied calmly.

Ye Shen stared interestedly at her before smirking. "Fine, I will give you several days' time. You'd better not disappoint me at the end of it because the punishment just now was nothing."

Then, he hugged his fair companion and strutted off with a gloating laugh.

Xinghe stood at the same spot for a while before finally turning back into the house. She needed to find out more about Xia Meng's past.

Perhaps then she would be able to tell why she ended up in Xia Meng's body.

This time, under Ye Shen's orders, Mrs. Ye and the gang didn't bother her. However, they still refused to acknowledge her with even a smile. In fact, they didn't even acknowledge her, she was probably less important than a pet dog to them.

Xinghe returned to Xia Meng's room and started searching through her stuff.

She ransacked the room and finally found a diary hidden under the closet.

Xinghe read it immediately and she got a glimpse into Xia Meng's life.

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