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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 270: Taken Away by the Xi Family

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Chapter 270: Taken Away by the Xi Family

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"They found a tumor in my sister's brain but thankfully it is gone now. However, she has been unconscious ever since and the doctors are unable to tell us why."

"The tumor is gone?" Xinghe replied in shock.

"That's right, it was a miracle. It disappeared after her first chemo session, must be from all the good karma my sister collected."

This was definitely news to Xinghe.

Regardless, the fact that the tumor was gone was a good development.

She wasn't as shocked as she would normally be at the news because that was not even the weirdest news that she had stumbled across that day.

"As her friend, I want to pay her a visit, would that be possible?" Xinghe asked.

Xia Zhi replied with some difficulties, "Actually, she is no longer at the hospital, because she was taken away into the Xi family's care. However, when you want to pay her a visit, just come to me and I can take you to her. By the way, miss, what is your name? My sister doesn't have many friends so forgive my curiosity."

Xinghe snuck at look at Auntie Ding who was still looking at her with a guarded expression and Xinghe replied, "My name is Xia Meng, from the Ye Family."

"This is such a coincidence. We have the same surname, Miss Xia. Okay, when you want to pay my sister a visit, just give me a call."

"Thank you…" Xinghe had no choice but to hang up. She couldn't reveal to Xia Zhi that she was his sister.

For one, it would be extremely difficult to convince Xia Zhi and also, Auntie Ding and the bodyguards were watching over her to prevent her from spouting nonsense.

Furthermore, she didn't want to commit to anything before making sure of all the facts.

Being locked up in the asylum was not an option.

Besides, she didn't mind walking in Xia Meng's shoes for a while, maybe she could discover some clues about this weird occurrence.

On the other end of the phone, Xiao Mo was driving and Xia Zhi was riding shotgun. When Xia Zhi put down the phone, Xiao Mo asked, "Who was that?"

"A woman by the surname Xia, she said that she's my sister's friend and wants to meet up with her," Xia Zhi answered.

Xiao Mo was even more curious. "If she is Miss Xia's friend, why didn't she directly call her but instead went through you?"

"You're right…" This raised Xia Zhi's suspicions as well. If she called his sister's phone, someone would still pick it up; so, why didn't she?

"Maybe she is my sister's friend from a long time ago, I remember Xinghe didn't like to use cell phones back then," Xia Zhi guessed.

Xiao Mo nodded as Xi Family's old mansion came into view. "We're here."

Xia Zhi looked at the sprawling mansion and his heart twisted into a knot.

On one hand, he was happy that he was going to see his sister, but on the other, sad that she was still unconscious!

Xinghe's entourage also reached Ye Family's villa.

The house was okay in size. It was observable that the Ye family was only rich but not loaded.

Auntie Ding was the first to descend from the car. She ordered coolly, "Young Mistress, come on now. You also know the rules, we can't use the wheelchair in the house."

Xia Meng's legs weren't really incapacitated but one of her legs was lame, giving her an awkward gait.

Xinghe strode ahead of Auntie Ding as she familiarized herself with the unique physiology of her leg.

Auntie Ding looked at her with surprise. Xia Meng was usually shy about walking in public, as if she'd done something wrong, so she had to have a wheelchair whenever she left home.

The Xia Meng before her was someone completely different. Even with the disability, she walked with the presence of a confident supermodel.

Auntie Ding thought to herself, Perhaps the suicide triggered some changes within this woman or else how can one explain the changes?

In the living room, Mrs. Ye and her daughter, Ye Qin, were enjoying their afternoon tea.

Witnessing Xinghe's return, their smiles froze on their faces and their faces immediately turned into masks of annoyance and disdain.

Ye Qin, who didn't look a day older than 20, even rolled her eyes at Xinghe.
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