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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 269: She Is Still Alive

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Chapter 269: She Is Still Alive

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But did such a supernatural event actually happen in real life?

'Predicting the future' Xinghe could believe because fortune-telling had a long cultural history, but a soul transfer? She didn't believe it one bit!

There had to be a more scientific explanation behind all this.

Xinghe decided to collect more information before she committed to anything.

"Do I have a cell phone?" she suddenly asked Auntie Ding who was beside her.

"Young Mistress, you haven't used your phone for half a month, it has no battery left," Auntie answered without even looking at her.

Xinghe ignored her stuck-up attitude and said, "Then go get me a usable one."

"What are you planning to do?" Auntie Ding asked with caution.

Xinghe smirked and replied, "Why? Worried that I'll call the police to report all of you for domestic abuse? Don't worry, it's just a private call."

Xinghe chose the term 'domestic abuse' purposely.

Even though she had no idea how Xia Meng's life was like but from the way the maid treated her, she didn't have any standing in the Ye Family.

If a lowly maid like Auntie Ding could treat her this way, one could guess how the rest of the Ye family would treat her.

She was probably mistreated by everyone.

Auntie Ding chuckled mirthlessly. "Who cares if you report to the police? It wouldn't have worked anyway. I just feel that Young Mistress has only just recovered from a long illness so it's best to do nothing and focus on resting."

"Did I ask for your opinion? Go get me that phone." Xinghe's tone became several degrees harsher.

Auntie Ding was slightly stunned. Xia Meng today indeed is a bit different from normal.

Auntie Ding was shocked by the sudden authority and strength within Xia Meng. It was not a facade but something that radiated from within her, as if daring Auntie Ding to disobey her…

After some hesitation, Auntie Ding conceded and passed her a cell phone. She believed since Xia Meng had no one to call for help, there was no harm giving it to her.

Xinghe accepted the phone and immediately dialed a number. The number was Xia Zhi's!

After two rings, the phone was picked up and her brother's familiar voice came out from the other end, "Hello, who is this?"

When Xinghe made the call, she was actually quite afraid that the call wouldn't get through.

She was afraid, her past as Xia Xinghe was nothing more than a dream.

She sighed in relief when she heard Xia Zhi's familiar voice.

Xinghe's heart was a sea of emotion but her face showed none. "Hello, I want to talk to Xia Xinghe," she said directly.

She could hear Xia Zhi gasp. "My sister? Who are you, what business do you have with her?"

Xia Xinghe, this person is a real entity! She really exists!

Xinghe lowered her eyes slightly. "I'm one of her old friends, we promise to meet up should I find myself in City T, so I'm taking her up on that promise. Is she home?"

"About that…" Xia Zhi was silent for quite some time before finally answering, "I'm sorry but my sister is in a coma, she hasn't regained consciousness for the past half month."

Xinghe's eyes quivered with excitement. No one noticed her well-hidden giddiness.

I am… no, Xia Xinghe's body is still alive!

But since she was still alive, why had her consciousness gone into someone else's body?

The question appeared in Xinghe's mind. She asked Xia Zhi, "What happened to her? How is her condition now?"

For some reason, this mysterious caller on the phone reminded Xia Zhi of his sister. He felt an inexplicable bond to her and answered her questions truthfully.
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