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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 265: The Fourth Present

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Chapter 265: The Fourth Present

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97
The few physically strong bodyguards almost couldn't contain her.

They had never seen such a crazed woman before.

The madness in her eyes was like a whirlpool, endless and deep. She was acting like a person who had completely lost her mind.

When Mubai and Xinghe looked her way, disbelief and shock were plainly written on their faces.

"So, she is crazy," Xinghe concluded matter-of-factly.

Mubai was speechless. He didn't realize Tianxin was such a dangerous character.

However, that was where his concern for Tianxin ended. He was more worried about someone else.

"How are you? Are you hurt?" he asked Xinghe hurriedly as he checked her body for injuries.

"I'm fine," Xinghe answered calmly and after a beat or two added, "How about you?"

This might be the first time Xinghe actively showed concern towards him.

Mubai's lips curved into a wicked smile. "Thanks, I'm fine."

"That's good." Xinghe pushed herself up and dragged her injured leg as she wobbled towards Tianxin.

Mubai quickly went to support her. It came all too naturally to him.

The two of them eventually stopped before Tianxin.

Tianxin suddenly went still as a corpse in a hearse. She craned her neck upwards and her savage gaze assaulted both of them before falling squarely on Xinghe's face.

Xinghe read the blood thirst and homicidal intent in her eyes. Chu Tianxin really wanted to kill her.

Alas, she wouldn't be able to because she had already lost.

"Chu Tianxin, job well done," Xinghe opened her mouth to say, "You didn't disappoint."

Like she said earlier, Xinghe had no proof to pin anything on her, but now she did. This wouldn't have happened if Tianxin wasn't so easily provoked, like mother like daughter it seemed.

This murder attempt with a loaded gun would definitely land her in jail.

Tianxin finally realized she had walked into a trap, she yelled angrily, "Xia Xinghe, my failure to kill you is the biggest regret in my life! As long as I'm alive, I will one day come back to kill you!"

"Good because I'll be sure to keep you alive," Xinghe said with a merciless smile, "Because that is the fourth present I'm giving you, the gift of life! I'll make sure you suffer hell on Earth until the day of your very last breath!"

Tianxin widened her eyes and there was fear in them.

Not specifically of Xinghe but her future.

Jail time awaited her and her life of being the princess of the Chu Family was over…

"By the way, you recently reminded me of an old friend, Chui Ming, so I called his incarceration center to check up on him, you know what he said?" Xinghe asked softly, her tone as chilly as the grave, "He said I should have killed him when given the chance. Who knows, maybe I'll hear the same from you in a few months."

"Xia Xinghe, you b*tch, come back here and let me kill you!" Tianxin started to struggle again but she couldn't do anything against the bodyguards' suppression.

"Mubai!" Tianxin suddenly turned to Mubai as if spotting a lifeline and started bawling. "I'm sorry, please save me. Mubai, I only did all this because I love you. Mubai, I really dearly love, everything I am I owe it to you, you are the reason why I did all that…"

Mubai creased his brows in disgust before ordering, "Hand her over to the police."

"Yes, sir!" The bodyguards pulled her away, during which, Tianxin never stopped begging him and screaming for help, but no matter what she said, Mubai didn't show a shift in his expression.

In fact, he felt shaken by this side of his ex-fiancé.

Tianxin was quickly taken into police custody.

The police had arrived a long time and had been waiting outside.

They didn't ask much about what happened inside the house. They only needed the criminal evidence of the Chu family before taking the family of criminals away…

Translator's Thoughts
Lonelytree Lonelytree

The plot is going to get a bit sci-fi-esque for the next arc. Just consider it a reincarnation situation.
The four bonus chapters today are sponsored by four calling birds. Hehehe what a coincidence that it's the fourth present as well!
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