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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 258: Fight Fire with Fire

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Chapter 258: Fight Fire with Fire

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"Should I side with you even after you made an attempt on Xinghe's life?" Mubai questioned pointedly.

Tianxin's hand went to her mouth. Her face was a collage of bewilderment, trauma, and other such emotions.

What did he say? How did he also find out…

Tears were flowing freely down Tianxin's face then. She screeched like a wounded animal at Mubai, "Xi Mubai how can you accuse me of such a thing‽ Is it not enough that you betrayed my love for you for this b*tch and now you stand on her side to frame me? Do our years together mean nothing to you?"

Mubai smirked and asked, "What years together? There has never been a relationship between the two of us."

Tianxin took a step back as if she was hit by a physical blow. "Never? I don't believe you, I don't believe you've never harbored any interest for me; I won't believe it!"

"You are not worth my interest," Mubai added heartlessly.

This was another blow to Tianxin's heart. How dare he say I'm not worth it…

"Haha. If I'm not worthy, don't tell me she is!" Tianxin pointed her finger accusingly at Xinghe. "She is worth less than me in every single aspect, how come she is worthy while I'm not? Explain it to me!"

"Chu Tianxin, don't change the subject," Xinghe interrupted her rudely. "I still have more presents for you to receive."

Tianxin straightened her spine and the gaze that fell on Xinghe became charged with chilling lunacy.

It was like a demon staring at her from the bowels of hell…

"Why should I receive your presents‽ Who are you‽ Xia Xinghe, I warn you, get out of my house or I'm calling the cops!" Tianxin threatened coldly. Since begging Mubai was not going to work, she was tired of wearing her façade anymore.

Xinghe rewarded her with one of her own sharp gazes. "Why should you receive the presents? Simple, because they are yours to begin with!"

"What's mine? Don't accuse me simply because you can!" Xinghe seemed to have struck a nerve because Tianxin shrieked crazily at her.

Xinghe smirked. "You yourself know whether that's an accusation or not. However, you should have paid more attention to the gift's conditions. I put in a lot of effort to dress them up like this."


Xinghe continued, "This right here died from extreme pain after I blinded it by piercing a glass shard through its eyes. Actually, I want to thank you for gifting me these two animals because every jab into its eyes was a great stress reliever. I can still hear its painful whimper now, I wish you'd been there to hear it."

"Stop it!" Mrs. Chu cut her off angrily, she continued with a shaking voice, "You're crazy! Call the cops and have them arrest this crazy b*tch!"

Xinghe smiled indifferently, not minding the insult one bit. "Mrs. Chu, you're right. But I'm only fighting fire with fire," she glanced at Chu Tianxin and added, "Because your daughter is the craziest one of all!"

"You…" Mrs. Chu was angry behind words. "Xia Xinghe, you b*tch, watch your mouth!"

"Get out now!" Mr. Chu roared angrily. He had had enough, "Whoever refuses to move, I'm going to haul them out myself!"

He took a few steps forward and glared at them savagely like he was ready to kill them at any moment.

Xinghe's and Mubai's faces were as still as surface of a deep pond.

In comparison to the Chu family, they looked confident and composed, as if everything was falling according to their plan.
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