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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 256: Surprised I'm Not Dead?

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Chapter 256: Surprised I'm Not Dead?

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Mrs. Chu laughed. "Of course I'm happy for you. In fact, I've been worried because your mood has been incredibly low for the past few weeks."

Tianxin snaked her hand through her mother's arm and replied with a grin. "I'm sorry for making you worry but I'm fine now because I've realized something."

Mr. Chu happened to walk in the door then. He asked with a curious expression, "What are the two of you discussing? And what exactly did you realize, Tianxin, that made you so happy?"

"Yeah, Tianxin, what is it that you've realized?" Mrs. Chu added, anxious to hear her daughter say, I've realized I no longer need Xi Mubai in my life, I can find someone better!

Therefore, she frowned when Tianxin replied, "I've realized the future is still wide open. I'm sure Mubai will someday return to me."

"Tianxin, why are you still hung up over him? He treated you so badly…"

"Mum, I will not give up on him!" Tianxin pulled back her smile and affirmed with determination.

Mr. Chu suddenly started laughing. "Well said, spoken like a daughter of the Chu Family! You're right, you should fight tooth and nail for the thing that you want! Tianxin, Daddy is on your side!"

"Daddy, don't you worry, I will definitely make him mine," Tianxin added with a cunning smile.

So what if Mubai is in love with Xia Xinghe? The b*tch is nothing but dog food now!

With the competition out of the way, he'll eventually be mine!

At that moment, one of the maids rushed in to report, "Miss, CEO Xi is here, he said he want to meet you."

"Xi Mubai‽" Tianxin jumped off the couch happily, her eyes glowing at the mention of Mubai's name. "Then, what are you standing there for? Welcome him in!"

Mrs. Chu was confused. "Why is Mubai paying us such a sudden visit?"

The same confusion was reflected on her husband's face.

Tianxin didn't care why he was there as long as she could see him.

She even ran past the maid to open the door to greet him.

When she opened the door, she saw Mubai standing behind Xinghe in a wheelchair.

Under the porch light, Tianxin gawked at Xinghe with bulging eyes. Disbelief could be plainly seen on her face!

Xinghe narrowed her eyes at her and asked sarcastically, "Surprised I'm not dead?"

Isn't Xia Xinghe supposed to be dead? What is she doing here?

But Tianxin quietly snapped back into focus and replied with a sneer, "What are you talking about? Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if I do find you dead someday."

"Of course, you wouldn't be if you have something to do with it."

"Xia Xinghe, what do you mean by that‽"

The anxiety and agitation in her heart materialized outward as anger.

"Tianxin, why are you taking so long?" Mrs. Chu questioned from behind Tianxin.

Her face turned into a condescending jeer the moment she saw Xinghe. "Who let her in my house's compound? She doesn't deserve to step on my house's floor! Someone toss her out!"

When a maid moved forward after some hesitation, one of Mubai's bodyguards blocked her way with imposing presence.

Tianxin and her mother were taken aback. Even though they had no idea what they were doing there but it was obvious it was not a friendly visit.

"What? You people think you can just piss all over my house‽" Mr. Chu yelled as he strode over. He glared viciously at Mubai, aiming to suppress him with his identity as Mubai's elder. "Xi Mubai, what is the meaning of this? How dare you step out of line against your elders?"

Mubai replied emotionlessly, "This is a misunderstanding. Of course, we wouldn't step out of line."

Because retaliation is completely justified.

It seemed like Mr. Chu didn't know what his daughter had done because he really thought Mubai was afraid of him. He harrumphed smugly.
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