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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 255: She Must Remove this Threat

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Chapter 255: She Must Remove this Threat

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He would not forgive the person that went after Xinghe.

He would make that person suffer indefinitely!

However, the name that came out of Xinghe's mouth gave him quite a shock.

"It is Chu Tianxin—" She announced the name of the culprit while staring at him, trying to gauge his reaction.

Mubai widened his eyes in shock before they narrowed fiercely. "Tianxin? How can you be sure she's behind this?"

"Isn't it obvious? I could see her plotting to take my life every time she glared at me. Currently, other than her, there is no one else capable of laying such a trap to claim my life."

She had dealt with Chui Ming and Wushuang so the couple couldn't be behind this.

Ruobing was confident that she would win Xinghe the day before yesterday and she was just kicked out of City T, so she wouldn't have been able to launch a counter-attack so soon.

Plus, this was murder they were talking about. The culprit must have harbored resentment against Xinghe for a very long time, 200 chapters worth of hatred to be precise.

The only character that had survived for that long was Chu Tianxin. She must have gone crazy from envy.

Ruobing's last words before she was dragged away were also a massive clue.

She was absolutely certain that Xinghe was going to be punished with death soon. She mostly likely knew someone was plotting against Xinghe's life.

The only person in Ruobing's close circle of friends that would do that was Chu Tianxin.

Even though she had no concrete evidence, all of her speculation pointed towards Tianxin.

Xinghe's instinct also told her the culprit is Chu Tianxin.

She knew the other woman had been eager to deal with her, so honestly… who else could it be?

Regardless, Xinghe knew she had to remove this threat before death actually befell her! She had to protect her family from this insane woman while she still could.

Therefore, she had to demolish Chu Tianxin that day!

No one was going to stop her!

Not even Xi Mubai!

To her surprise and satisfaction, Mubai didn't stop her. Instead he ordered one of the bodyguards, "Get me a wheelchair!"

The bodyguard quickly returned with one.

He lifted Xinghe up from the bed and into the wheelchair. Then, he brought her a blanket to keep her body warm. Facing her confused gaze, he explained, "I'll be going with you. I know you have your reasons for your suspicions and I've seen how meticulous you are in your logical thinking. I have full faith in your speculation so let's go hear what she has to say for herself."

Xinghe was astonished because she didn't expect him to have such confidence in her.

Night was falling.

Tianxin was sat on the couch in her living room, staring at the television and eating a whole cream cake.

She kept on shoveling the cake into her mouth, while staring transfixed at the program showing on the television as if hypnotized.

She would laugh occasionally, tickled by the characters' antics on screen, while waving the sharp cake knife in the air.

The program on television was a kid's show!

But Tianxin was having the time of her life, giggling like a little girl…

Mrs. Chu sat down beside her and asked with deep affection, "Tianxin, what happened today that made you so happy?"

Whenever Tianxin was exceptionally happy, she would put on a kid's show and eat cake. She would plant herself in front of the television for a very long time.

The last time this happened was when her engagement to Mubai was confirmed.

That seemed so long ago.

Due to the recent incident at the restaurant where Mubai rescinded the engagement, Tianxin hadn't been feeling particularly joyful.

So, Mrs. Chu was curious about what made her daughter so curiously happy that day.

Tianxin's face broke into an ear-to-ear grin and replied happily, "Oh, no reason."

"There has to be a reason, how can you be so happy for no reason?"

"Mum, isn't it good that I'm happy? I don't know how to explain it but can't you just be happy for me?" Tianxin said with a childish pout.
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