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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 254: Today Is Her Last!

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Chapter 254: Today Is Her Last!

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Mubai carried Xinghe gently in his arms and ordered the men, "Bring the dogs' bodies and immediately track down the two kidnappers. I want them in custody before the night ends!"

"Yes, sir!" The group of trained soldiers responded in a clear voice. This would not end well for the two kidnappers as Xinghe predicted!

Of course, the culprit would not be safe either!

The culprit would not be spared from Xinghe's retribution much less Mubai's wrath.

This time, he was out for blood.

No matter who the culprit was, they would pay dearly!

Xinghe was immediately rushed to the hospital. Even though she suffered some quite serious injuries, they were nowhere near lethal.

She woke up just as the night fell.

Mubai sat by her bedside, guarding her. His eyes never once left her face.

That was why, the moment Xinghe opened her eyes, she met Mubai's intense gaze.

When he saw her come to, Mubai's eyes shook slightly and he asked with concern, "How are you feeling? Thirsty? Anything I can do to make you feel better?"

"How are my injuries?" Xinghe asked directly, the acute state of her mind very unlike a patient that had just suffered a traumatic event.

"You're healing fine. The injury looked serious but thankfully they didn't damage any nerves. You'll have a full recovery after a few months of rest."

"Wonderful," Xinghe said as she struggled to sit up. Mubai frowned and quickly went to stop her. "What are you doing? Quick lie back down!"

Xinghe swiped his hands away and sat up with a determined look. "I'm going to get revenge!"

Mubai was startled. "What are you talking about?"

"Am I not being clear enough?" Xinghe stared intensely at him and enunciated every word with force, "I will make those that dared to come after me pay! I will make them regret ever targeting me or those that I love!"

Mubai's eyes darkened and his lips curved into a sinful smile. "Don't worry, I will get revenge for you. I will personally send those that dared to harm you down to hell! I swear the revenge will be sweet but for now, you have to rest."

"Thanks but no thanks, I like to savor the experience for myself." Xinghe tried to get down from her bed.

Things like this she liked to do on her own.

Plus, she didn't like to wait and she didn't have the time to wait, she must exact her revenge now.

Death was looming and if she didn't take down this enemy soon, they might come after her family after she was gone.

She couldn't allow that to happen. She wouldn't wish the things that just happened to her on any one of her family.

The anger built up in her heart and if she didn't do something about it, she might go crazy.

Witnessing her determination, Mubai knew it was pointless to advise her otherwise. "Okay but I'll with you! However, I have to remind you that these people aren't Chui Ming's men."

After the collapse of Chui Corps, Chui Ming had lost every shred of influence he had. After he was sent into jail, Mubai ordered his men to take out the dangerous stragglers so the kidnappers were most likely not Chui Ming's men.

The fact that the two kidnappers were kind enough to reveal their 'identities' and not confiscate Xinghe's phone was a ploy to shift the blame onto Chui Ming.

Mubai saw through the childish trick easily.

Of course, so did Xinghe.

"I know it's not him. I know full well who is behind this. She thinks I will sit quietly taking her abuse because I can't connect it back to her… How naïve, because she thought wrong! I will let her know today that I, Xia Xinghe, am not so easily bullied! Today will be her last!"

"Who is she?" Mubai questioned with a chill in his tone.

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