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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 252: Feral

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Chapter 252: Feral

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This couldn't go on for long because Xinghe's upper body strength wouldn't allow it.

The inside of the warehouse had nothing but the dust on the floor. She couldn't find any high surface to use as leverage.

Even with the fastest speed, Mubai would need ten to fifteen minutes to get there.

She couldn't hold out for that long…

The two hungry wolfhounds beneath her had entered a feral stage. Several times, they narrowly missed her ankles.

In their eyes, Xinghe was like a piece of delicious meat that was taunting them.

She knew if she was bitten and dragged down, that would probably be the end of her.

She might know some self-defense skills but she doubted she could take down two large feral dogs.

Xinghe gritted her teeth and punched heavily on the glass window. It shattered with a resounding clang.

The sudden loud noise spooked the two dogs that they took several involuntarily steps back.

Xinghe made use of the opportunity to leap down with a shard of glass in her hand. The moment she landed, the two wolfhounds charged at her.

Xinghe didn't evade. As one of the dogs' jaws prepared to clamp down on her neck, she stabbed the glass shard into its eye!

The dog fell to the floor with a deathly wail. It then rolled around the floor crazily.

Xinghe didn't have time to deal with the other wolfhound which successfully chomped down on her calf!

Xinghe raised her other leg and kicked violently at the wolfhound. The dog was eventually sent flying but not before tearing out a piece of Xinghe's lower calf. Almost immediately, Xinghe's pants were dyed a bloody red.

However, adrenaline had numbed her pain receptors. She picked up another glass shard from the floor and pounced on the injured wolfhound.

The glass shard was aimed at its other eye…

Xinghe exerted Herculean force into her jab to make sure she hit skull so much so that the shard itself had pierced into the ball of her palm. When she finally pulled back, the dog stumbled away aimlessly, lashing at the air around it before crumbling to the floor with heavy breathing.

Xinghe realized it had gone blind and was dying…

The other wolfhound seemed to be startled by her viciousness and stood from a distance away howling at her but was hesitant to get closer.

Xinghe was physically drained after that tussle.

She suffered quite a number of injuries on her body as well.

However, she still stood up calmly, a glass shard dripping with blood in her hand.

The blood was a mixture of the dog's and hers.

The potent smell of blood excited the wolfhound but it was cautious to not charge blindly at Xinghe. Instead, it circled Xinghe patiently, waiting for its break.

As the wolfhound circled Xinghe, she turned to face it, giving it no chance to tackle her from her side or behind.

However, she couldn't catch up to the dog's speed due to massive blood loss.

The wolfhound finally found a lull in her movement and charged at her arm which held the shard. Its force knocked Xinghe off her feet as well!

Finally tasting meat again, the wolfhound refused to let go no matter how hard Xinghe struggled.

At that moment, Xinghe's unimpeded left hand felt around the ground to search for other shattered shards.

Her fingers eventually curled around one and the sensation of pain from both hands snapped her attention into focus.

"Go to hell—" She shoved the shard into the dog's neck with all her might!

However, the dog was persistent.

Even though it suffered a neck injury, it refused to loosen its jaw…

The dog knew that the moment it did so, it would result in its death. It was not going to go down so easily.
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