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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 250: Kidnapped

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Chapter 250: Kidnapped

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As Xinghe got into her car, she received a phone call from Mubai.

"We've reached the restaurant. Are you on your way?" Mubai asked in a low voice.

"Just leaving, I'll be there in a bit."

"Alright, drive safely." Mubai closed the phone with a smile. Lin Lin, who sat across him, was fixing the bow-tie on his neck.

The little guy had an expensive dark suit on, and had even gelled his hair…

His waxed shoes were practically gleaming. He looked like a little prince.

Mubai couldn't help but laugh. This was his lunch date, how come his son seemed to treat it more ceremoniously than he did?

Straightening his custom made white suit, Mubai took the chance to poke fun at Lin Lin, "This is only a normal lunch, why are you all dressed up? Nervous?"

Lin Lin gave him a side-eye before launching a scathing retort. "Daddy, you're one to talk!"

"…" Perhaps he shouldn't have told him beforehand they were having lunch with Xinghe…

Back at the hospital, Xinghe had run into a bit of a trouble.

Her car had a flat tire. Earlier, the car was fine because she drove it to the hospital.

This is too much of a coincidence. Someone must have done it on purpose.

Xinghe decided to have it checked out later. She couldn't miss the lunch with her son so she quickly hailed a cab.

The moment she got into the cab, an arm pushed out from behind and she could feel the cold steel of a dagger on her neck!

The taxi soon left the city and entered the remote countryside.

Xinghe's eyes were covered with a black cloth and the dagger never once left her neck.

She gave her full cooperation throughout and didn't once resist.

The two kidnappers were satisfied with her obedience.

Finally, the car stopped in front of an abandoned workshop.

Xinghe was dragged roughly out of the car and shoved into the building. The moment she landed with a thud on the dirty floor, she heard a loud bang behind her.

Xinghe pulled off the cloth on her eyes and realized the kidnappers had closed the door.

She went to pull on it, the door didn't even budge. It was locked from the outside.

"Who are you?" Xinghe questioned the two men on the other side of the door calmly, her voice didn't even shake one bit, "Who ordered you to do this?"

"Someone who you owe a debt to!" One of the men answered viciously.


"That's right! You yourself know what kind of wrong you've done, so we're here today to collect his debt!"

"His? Who is this his?" Xinghe replied self-assuredly, "There are so many people I've wronged, you might need to be a little more specific."

"Since the dead tells no tale, I guess it wouldn't harm to tell you! He is our brother Chui Ming. You wrongly accused him and sent him to jail, so we're exacting vengeance on his behalf!"

"You're Chui Ming's men? Impossible, he has nothing to offer you and as you said, he's in prison," Xinghe argued back.

The other man chuckled, "B*tch, we want to exact revenge for our brother because we love him that much! Anyway, today will be your last day on Earth! Care to guess how you're going to die?"

Xinghe turned to inspect her surroundings before answering, "I have no time for games. But I can assure you, if you don't kill me today, it'll be your deaths tomorrow!"

"The b*tch really does have a mouth on her! But don't you worry. We'll make sure that you die a horrible death!"

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